My Mom’s Best Beauty Tips

When it comes to beauty advice, I think I’ve heard it all. Do this and don’t do that! There’s so much out there, it can sometimes be overwhelming. Don’t get me started on some of that nonsense. But no matter what I hear today, what my mom passed on to me will always be some of the best beauty tips out there!

Now, whether I listened to her or not is a different story. We always think we know better than our moms as teens. Don’t we? Well, I listen today and practice a lot of what she’s taught me. It only took me forever!┬áTake a look below at the tips my mom gave me growing up.

What beauty tips did your mom give you? Share below!

  • Don’t Pick At or Touch My Face 1 of 7
    Don't Pick At or Touch My Face
    This beauty tip from my mom was a big one! She was constantly telling me not to touch my face with my dirty hands. She thought it would cause pimples. She also yelled at me to stop picking at my face as I went through my acne phase to prevent any scarring.
  • Drink Lots of Water 2 of 7
    Drink Lots of Water
    My mom was always on me to drink a lot of water. She wanted me to not only be healthy, but she knew it helped with giving me a clearer complexion.
  • Don’t Fall Asleep with My Make Up On 3 of 7
    Don't Fall Asleep with My Make Up On
    Do I even need to explain this one? Mom knew that falling asleep with my make up on was bad for my skin. She was big on the whole "clogged pores" thing.
  • Brush My Hair 4 of 7
    Brush My Hair
    When I had my long hair, my mom was always reminding me to brush it throughout the day. Never mind tangles she wanted my hair to look soft and full all day.
  • Stop Biting My Nails 5 of 7
    Stop Biting My Nails
    My mom would horrify me with her stories of biting your nails. Now that I think about it, I'm glad she was on me about this one. As a teen, who knew where my hands were!?
  • Eat All of My Spinach 6 of 7
    Eat All of My Spinach
    I couldn't stand spinach as a kid! Yuck! Little did I know that mom knew more than I could've imagined. It's rich in antioxidants and nutrients, which is great for your skin.
  • Take Care of My Teeth 7 of 7
    Take Care of My Teeth
    This beauty tip was all in the name of a great smile. My mom was constantly taking us to our dental appointments and was militant when it came to taking care of our braces!

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