Over 100 Family Dinner Discussion Ideas

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Some days it takes too much thought to come up with a good question and all that I can manage to utter is the usual, “How was your day?”

Other times we have nothing to share.  One of our go-to prompts to get discussion rolling at our dinner time is, “Share you’re best and worst moment of the day.”  That usually helps us get started, but some days we really don’t have a best or worst moment. It was just a plain, uneventful day.

Whether you’re stuck in a rut or too tired to think of an insightful question, here are over 100  Family Dinner Discussions: questions, story prompts, fun facts, what if scenarios, jokes… brought to you by Growing Book by Book Blog. They are in PDF format ready to be printed and shared at your dinner table.

I shared over at my website, Inspired by Familia, how to make the Dinner Discussion Jar. Isn’t it adorable? I love how it turned out. It looks fabulous with my dining room decor.

family dinner discussions

This is what Jodie shares: Each month there will be a theme to the table topics.  Some are fun.  Some are serious.  All are meant to get your creative juices flowing…  Here is a look at the year.

January-  What if…                                                                 July- What would you do if…

February- All about the USA                                                August- Guess what I am

March- Name as many things as you can that…            September- If you could be…

April- Jokes and Riddles                                                       October- Fun facts about animals

May- Storytelling                                                                    November- Gratitude

June- All about food                                                               December- Memories

Check back at the end of each month to get the next topic.

Just print out each months topic. You can glue them onto some fun paper or just cut them up as is and don’t worry about putting them in a fancy jar, if that means it won’t get done until another month or two.  Enjoy getting to know each other!

For more family fun ideas stop by our Family Time Pinterest Board!

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