Piñata Fun: Do’s and Don’ts

PIÑATA FUN DOS AND DONTSEvery year my family continues the tradition of having a birthday celebration for my kids. I remember as a kid for at least 10 of my birthday’s I had a birthday party with a piñata or two. They are not only fun to break but the treats and surprises my parents use to fill the piñata with were always the best!

Now that I have kids I see why they always yelled out rules as we went. It can get a little dangerous.  I find myself going over some rules with the kids every time we have a piñata. As they grow older they get even more anxious to see the treats fall out the piñata.

I’ve seen my share of accidents so I know the importance of rules and having more than one adult involved in the celebration of breaking the piñata.

This year we had a lot of kids present and I found myself being worried a little more. I told my parents next year we are stating the rules before we break the piñatas open. Though we were safe and there ere no accidents we did have some close calls.


Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts for some Piñata Fun!

  • Do pick your favorite character 1 of 10
    DO- pick your favorite Piñata character

    Pick your favorite characters there are tons to choose from. We usually go by theme or themes of the party but really the types of piñatas out there are amazing. We love the Character ones best! 

  • Do not be sad 2 of 10
    dont- be sad about breaking open your pinata

    Piñatas are made to be broke. Don't be sad. Sometimes you can even get a souvenir from your piñata like an arm or the head of your piñata. While some see this as a violent act it truly is a celebration in our Mexican culture.  

  • Do have a bag for candy 3 of 10
    Do Have a bag for Candy

    While keeping candy in your hand is ok too you get more by having somewhere to put it in. Have a bag ready to collect your candy!

  • Do not eat the candy without inspecting 4 of 10
    Don't eat piñata candy without inspecting

    The candy can be dirty or even pick up something when it falls on the ground. Be safe and have someone look at your loot before you eat it!

  • Do have adult in control 5 of 10
    Dp have an adult control pinata

    Always have an adult controlling the piñata just in case the festivities need to be stopped. Also it's important to have someone strong to maneuver and hold the Piñata up high. 

  • Do cheer on 6 of 10
    Do Cheer On

    Cheer on who is breaking the piñata. It makes it so much fun. We sing a Spanish song and the length of the song is the length the child hits the piñata is hit. It's called Dale Dale Dale!

  • Do stand back for safety 7 of 10
    do- stand back for safety

    Always be safe and stand back. You never know if the piñata will fly off, the stick will be thrown or the candy could hit your face.

  • Do use both hands 8 of 10
    do use both hands to hold the stick

    Always use both hands on the stick  when swinging. When you are done hitting set it down do not ever throw!

  • Do not rush for candy 9 of 10
    dont rush for candy

    This is the number one don't for us. You can get very hurt by running to get candy while someone is still hitting the piñata

  • Do let the little ones goes first 10 of 10
    do let little kids go first

    We like to be fair. We have set a rule to allow all young kids go first. This allows everyone to his it at least once. 

Have you or your kids ever hit a Piñata? What are some of your Do’s and Don’ts?

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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