Two-Ingredient Popsicles: Fresh Peach & White Grape Paletas

It’s National Peach Month! In honor of this amazing fruit I wanted to celebrate with a special treat with my family. We love peaches in all forms so this was the perfect celebration for us!  We took some fresh white peaches and white grape juice and created the perfect summer treat: paletas!  Imagine these flavors in popsicle form. My kids went wild for these peach popsicles.

In Mexico, paletas are made of different natural fruit flavors. On our recent visit to the paleteria, the kids learned all about these Mexican popsicles. I didn’t see a peach-flavored paleta so I wanted to create it for the kids. I knew the flavors and texture of fresh peaches in the popsicle would be very appealing to them.

Peaches come in yellow and white. My favorite have always been white peaches. I find that white peaches have more of a crunch and are so flavorful. I like to think they are the granny smith of peaches with that perfect crunch. As a parent I look for creative ways my kids can enjoy different fruits in their most natural state. This popsicle calls for 2 ingredients and can be swapped with various fruits to make all year round!

Munching on peach popsicles are delicious for the whole family!

Here is the “how to” on making these delicious two-ingredient popsicles.


  • Fresh Peach White Grape Paletas 1 of 8

    Scroll through for step by step directions to create these delicious popsicles in honor of National Peach Month! 

  • You will need 2 of 8

    You will need

     White peaches • popsicle molds • White grape juice 

  • Peel the peaches 3 of 8

    Wash and peel your peaches. If you peach is on the larger side you may only need one. 

  • Slice Peaches 4 of 8

    Slice peach to the pit to create slices large enough to fit in your popsicle molds. Cutting strips or cubes works great too. 

  • Stuff with Peaches 5 of 8

    Stuff your molds with the peaches. Arrange them up against the wall of the mold for a pretty look when frozen. The more fruit the better. We were able to stack 4-5 slices in each mold. 

  • Fill with juice 6 of 8

    After all the molds are stuffed with peach slices, fill with white grape juice. We used a light version of grape juice and that worked great too. You can also delude the juice if you feel it's too sweet. 

  • Ready to freeze 7 of 8

    Secure lids on popsicle molds and freeze. For best results, freeze overnight. 

  • Enjoy with the little ones 8 of 8

    Happy National Peach Month! Enjoy your peach popsicles with your little ones! 


Do you have a favorite Peach snack/dish?

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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