Say Cheese: Tips for Taking Your Baby’s Month-by-Month Photos

When my baby was first born, everyone kept telling me how time goes by so quick. Before I know’d it he would be all grown up. And let me tell you, they were right. My little guy just turned five months last week and I have no idea where those five months went. They went by way too quick. My husband and I wanted to capture the first year in photos, so we’ve been taking month by month pictures. It’s so amazing to see how much he has changed from the first month to now. Sometimes even seeing how much he grew in one month is crazy to me. For those moms-to-be or new moms,  here are some tips when taking month-by-month photos of your little one.


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    Scroll through to check out these tips for taking your babies Month by Month pictures. 

  • 1. Pick the Same Spot 2 of 6
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    Try to pick a spot where you want to take the pictures and stick to it. It can be a chair, sofa, crib or even a laundry basket like this one.  Blogger Joy Cho, from Oh Joy, captured her beautiful daughter Ruby in this grey chair from month to month. By having the same background each time, you'll be able to notice the change a lot more. 

    Photo Credit: Oh Joy

  • 2. Have Good Lighting 3 of 6
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    Shooting indoors can get pretty tricky. I had to play around with different settings and angles before finding the right lighting to take my son's month-to-month pictures. Try to pick a spot close to a window to get the best natural lighting. 

    Photo Credit Viva Fashion (that's my little guy)

  • 3. Pick a Way to Show What Month It Is 4 of 6
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    You want to make sure to include a way to tell what month it is. Get creative! Some ideas include photoshop, a chalk board, a pin or felt letters like this one. 

    Photo Credit: Famille Summerbelle 

  • 4. Decide What your Baby Will Wear 5 of 6
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    Start thinking about what you want your baby to wear. You can choose diapers like this one or perhaps a plain white onesie. Some parents prefer to keep it simple so the focus can be on the growth of the baby-- plus a white tee never goes out of style. I on the other hand love fashion, so wanted to play around with different outfits. 

    Photo Credit: Under the Sycamore 

  • 5. Stick to a Date 6 of 6
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    Most importantly be sure to stick to a date, when taking these pictures. Whether you want to take pictures month-to-month or every three months, be sure not to forget! You can even set yourself a reminder on your cell phone just in case. 


Read more of Carmen’s writing on her blog, Viva Fashion. 

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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