The Little Things Children Need Most

What do children need most? The answer to this question will vary, depending on your culture, beliefs, age, race, marital status … And then you have to take into consideration the child’s personality and wiring.

In my limited experience and vast amount of reading, I believe there are some basic needs that all children need in order to thrive in their little world.  Assuming the child is receiving the protection and nutrition they need, I would say these are some basic needs:


The lovely thing is that as parents, we are all on the journey. So don’t fret if you find yourself feeling guilty after reading this list. Just the fact that you wanted to read this article says a lot about you as a parent. If you need to take some time to forgive yourself and ask forgiveness from your child, do so. Then jot down two things you’re going to do so your child smiles, plays, and hears “I love you” more!

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