The Orphaned Earring: Creating Jewelry & Helping Orphans

You may think that earrings are best in pairs. I will be more than happy to disagree with you on that statement. And at the end of this post you may just agree with me. Take a second to think about how many times you’ve lost an earring. You’re left with a single and lonely piece of jewelry that will probably end up in the trash.

What if I told you there’s a place you can send all of your lonesome earrings and it will benefit the lives of orphaned children in Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Colombia? Let me introduce you to The Orphaned Earring.

Founded by my friend, (the amazing) Denisse Montalvan, The Orphaned Earring is a non-profit blog that collects orphaned earrings and unwanted jewelry. With the help of Shirley Fernandez and Sandra Sanchez, the materials are all re-purposed, recycled, and used to create bracelets to sell. One hundred percent of the proceeds go towards bringing arts and crafts, school supplies, and year-round festivities to four orphanages and their surrounding communities in Latin America.

Your orphaned earrings go from this!
Your orphaned earrings go from this…to this!

And recently they’ve launched the “For the Love of Life” (#4LoveofLife) campaign which benefits an indigenous community near the Guatemalan orphanage. According to The Orphaned Earring, the forcible eviction of 13 indigenous communities in 2011, has left many families desperately looking for shelter, food and jobs at the local coffee farms. This has left the children living in these conditions suffering of malnutrition and diseases.

After a little bit of research by The Orphaned Earring, they found that a basic staple found in almost every home, oatmeal, could mean the difference between life and death for these children and breastfeeding moms. With this campaign, they hope to raise enough funds to provide oatmeal to these families. And if they are able to raise more money, they hope to provide shoes and lice shampoo as well. Check out the amazing work they’ve done via their Facebook page.

The Orphaned Earring  providing oatmeal and other grains to impovershed indigenous communities in Guatemala.
The Orphaned Earring providing oatmeal and other grains to impovershed indigenous communities in Guatemala.

Wondering how you can help? It’s easy! You can easily send them your orphaned earrings. They’ll create a handmade and unique bracelet. You can even buy it back if you’d like for a mere $7! Get all of the details, including the mailing address where you can send your jewelry to, on their blog here. Don’t have jewelry to send? Feel free to make a donation!

I’m so amazingly proud of all the work The Orphaned Earring is doing. That reminds me, I have some spring cleaning to do in my jewelry box. Don’t you do too?

The Orphaned Earring
The Orphaned Earring “Beading Hearts Back Together”

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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