The Ultimate Back to School Resource: Lunch Ideas and Recipes

I feel like I should start all of these back to school post with a confession, just so that you know I am a real mama. So here it goes: Those cute lunches that turn apples into hot air balloons and Jello into Van Gogh art make me want to puke.

Not because I wonder who has time to make this kind of stuff, but because I can’t stop thinking about how my hard work would be ruined the minute it goes into my son’s backpack. What kid holds their lunch box perfectly still so that those 500 pieces of food art don’t end up looking like a pile of veggies jammed into a container? Not mine.

I enjoy making special lunches for my boys, but I always try to find ways to make it practical and easy.  Sometimes, or maybe I should say on occasion, or actually to be more precise, I should say that once a year I use cookie cutters to cut their PB&J sandwiches into a dinosaur or write on a banana peel with a “magic pen.” I used to do it more often when I only had one lunch to prepare, but with three lunches to prepare I don’t have time for that cutesy stuff anymore.

Enjoy these awesome meal ideas that don’t involve cutesy bunny-shaped lunches:

  • Healthy Lunch Ideas & Recipes 1 of 17
    healthy lunch ideas and recipes

    Enjoy perusing and planning your child's lunch menu for the month while you look at all of these simple, healthy, and yummy recipes!

  • Italian Zucchini Boats 2 of 17
    zucchini boats

    Aren't these adorable? They're guaranteed to make your child want to try them...well, at least it worked for my kids.


    via Inspired by Familia

  • Avocado and Chicken Club Sandwich 3 of 17
    avocado and chicken club sandwich

    This sounds delicious. This is a wonderful idea for a grown-up lunch, too! 


    via Best Healthy Mag

  • Parmesan Spinach Chips 4 of 17
    spinach chips

    I love baked veggies chips, but I've yet to try spinach. So glad I found this recipe!


    via Lost Garden Blog

  • Grilled Cheese Pepperoni Pizza Sandwich 5 of 17
    grilled cheese pepperoni pizza

    This is a wonderful alternative to pizza and is much more lunchbox-friendly.


    via Inspired by Familia

  • Corn Dog Muffin Pops 6 of 17
    corn dog muffin pops
  • Chipotle Black Bean Burgers with Mango Chutney 7 of 17
    chipotle black bean bacon burger

    Chipotle Black Bean Burgers make a perfect lunch or dinner. If your kiddos don't like spicy things, just leave out the chipotle. Black bean burgers are delicious and healthy alternative to meat burgers.  You can even make miniature ones to go in your child's lunch bag.


    via Inspired by Familia

  • Healthy Sweet Potato Fries 8 of 17
    sweet potato fries

    These sweet potato fries are finger lickin' good.


    via Inspired by Familia

  • Taco Salad to Go 9 of 17
    taco salad to go

    My kids love eating this. If you want to make it healthier, use baked chips or veggie chips and lean meat.  


    via Inspired by Familia

  • Pizza on a Stick 10 of 17
    pizza on a stick

    Another favorite that my kids beg me to make.


    via Inspired by Familia

  • Sesame Chicken Wonton Cups 11 of 17
    sesame chicken wonton cups

    I want to dive into my screen and take a bite!


    via Healthy Seasonal Recipes

  • Beef and Potato Empanadas 12 of 17
    beef and potato empanadas

    Empanadas remind me of home. This authentic Mexican recipe is so EASY.


    via Inspired by Familia

  • BLT Bites 13 of 17

    This is a perfectly healthy bite-sized lunch or snack.


    via Inspired by Familia

  • Salad in a Jar 14 of 17
    salad in a jar



    via Oh She Glows

  • Fruit Roll Ups 15 of 17
    fruit roll ups

    These homemade fruit roll ups are on our summer bucket list!


    via French Press

  • Apple Chips 16 of 17

    If you haven't tried making these yet, stop what you're doing and go slice some apples, because they are delicious.


    via Inspired by Familia

  • Tortilla Pinwheels 17 of 17
    tortilla pinwheels

    These are perfect for lunch or a gathering.


    via Home Cooking Memories

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