Three Simple Truths That Changed My Parenting


If this first simple truth still hasn’t hit you, I hope it does before it’s too late: They grow up fast. Enjoy them while you can because that bebé you used to hold in your arms is now too heavy to even pick up.

I try to seize the moments, I really do.

I try to make the most of the precious smiles.

Those innocent eyes filled with wonder.

The silly knock-knock jokes that make no sense but fill them with giggles.

Even the tantrums.

But some days I’m human and I’m grumpy. I’m tired. I don’t have enough eyes or hands to see and tend to all of the “Look at me momma!” shouts. Or the chubby, dirty, little fingers tugging at the hem of my shirt.

Some days I want to pull away awkwardly, but it’s those very little, dirty, chubby hands that remind me. Soon they will not want to be cupped in my mind. So again I jump in. This time I have more realistic expectations of myself. I’ve learned that it’s not just about seizing the day but it’s about seizing the moments.

The next simple truth, paraphrased from Mother Teresa is to focus on the small things and do it with great love.

Those moments will become memories that fill my world with tears and nostalgia as I watch them walk across the stage to receive their diploma. Or when they walk out the door on their first date.

So to you moms who are reading this, let’s seize the day by starting off with being a “20-Minute Mommy.” I’ve read articles that encourage you to start at 5 or 10 minutes, but let me tell you, 10 minutes is not enough for me. You’ve just gotten started and then it’s over and you walk away from a very disappointed child. Twenty minutes is the perfect amount of time to start connecting with your bebé. And don’t be afraid to ask for company while you’re cooking, doing laundry, or tending to the yard. Kids (younger ones) love to feel like they are contributing to the family, so get them involved and connect.

The third and final simple truth that has changed my parenting is to focus on seizing the moments, not the day.

image above via Happy Jax from the Mommy Moments Photo Challenge 

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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