Tips for Potty Training at Night

Tips for potty training at nightMy kids are still in diapers! I know it sounds terrible but I promise it’s only at night. I had a moment where I had to seriously consider and ask for tips for potty training at night. It just felt so difficult to accomplish.

Potty training at night is one of the hardest things I’ve had to deal with in parenting. I much rather change diapers every morning than to have to train my cranky kid to use the bathroom at night. It took us longer than I thought it would to just potty train. The best part was having them trained at the same time other than that I felt like it would never happen. My kids are only 13 months apart so this actually worked pretty well. I really think it’s time to get the night time potty training out the way too.

I believe that night time potty training is difficult for me because our kids struggle to sleep some days. It gets overwhelming to put them down and then have to wake them to be sure they go potty. Plus I’m training two at the same time again.

We recently went to Mexico and I forgot the diapers! I was worried because Mexico can get very cold at night. While they don’t always wake up wet in the morning I knew the chance of it being extra cold wasn’t going to work in our favor. There I was staring at them sleeping hoping they wouldn’t have an accident. I wasn’t going to let our vacation turn sour so I thought, if I can survive this weekend with no diapers then we can totally do without from now on!

Consider these tips for potty training at night if you are at this stage with your kids

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    Tips for potty training at night

    Scroll through the slides for some tips that helped our potty training process at night easier.

  • Talk about Potty Training 2 of 8
    Talk about potty training at night

    Discuss ahead of time what you are working on. Sound excited for them. I tell my kids they are becoming big kids and that this means they can do big kid things.

  • No liquids before bed 3 of 8
    no liquids before bedtime

    Stop any liquid intake at least 4hrs before bed. My kids tend to want something before bed but we had to stop. I noticed the more they drank at dinner the more they had accidents.

  • Wake up to go potty 4 of 8
    Wake up to go potty at night

    This is my least favorite tip but most important. Having to wake up your kids is a hassle but it needs to be done. I wake up the kids at least two times at night or every three hours. 

  • Prepare for accidents 5 of 8
    Prepare for potty training accidents

    Keep extra sheets and event an absorbent towel under the sheets in the event that their is an accident. We had a few during the first week. 

  • Stay positive 6 of 8
    stay positive

    It can be difficult some nights to stay positive!  Especially when your kids are whiny, cranky and make faces. Kids can pick up your frustration and anxiety. This can further complicate the training process.

  • Praise or reward 7 of 8
    praise or reward when potty training

    Whatever your method maybe, let your child know they are doing well. My kids sometimes get a praise and other times a reward. 

  • Be consistent 8 of 8
    be consistent when potty training

    Keep a routine and stay consistent. My kids started right and it was me who wasn't consistent. I realized the more we stayed on routine at night the more successful we were.


Do you have some awesome Tips for Potty Training?

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