6 Tips For Wearing Summer Clothes During The Winter

There aren’t many things that I outwardly pride myself in, but last week I covered homemade soups¬†and how I rock them! Today, I will cover the art of wearing my Summer and Spring clothes year round another area I feel I’ve got down.

When I purchase anything, the first question that runs through my mind is, “Is it versatile enough to use year round?” Then I think about how much space will it take up in a suitcase (that’s part of the expat living abroad in me), because God forbid I fall in love with it and take it with me to our next destination.

Here are the tried and true tips I have used for years. I constantly get compliments or statements like, “Is that a new dress?” No, same one!

1. Layer That’s the first big secret, you have to layer. Layer tops, layer stockings, layer everything. For example, wear a light weight fitted top (longer then the layer that you’re putting over it) and add a sweater and scarf. If the layers are light weight, add a blazer or jean jacket to your outfit too. Layer with socks! As you can see in the image above, I have a pair of cable knit stockings which I absolutely love and then I slipped boot socks over them as well. One key note about layering. Make sure the bottom layers are fitted. You don’t want a loose fitting tee as your bottom layer.

2. Wear tights As I mentioned above, I love my cable knit tights. You can find some thicker, darker panty hose as well. Or double-layer if those temperatures really drop!

3. Wear scarfs Prioritize your thicker scarfs during these winter months, since you won’t be able to get away with it in the spring. I love scarves, so I try to accessorize with them year round. They add a great pop of color.

4. Cardigans Longer, thicker cardigans are a great way to finish off your light layered tops.

5. Go for the Bohemian look I love the bohemian look, it allows you to wear jeans under your dresses. I’ve seen lots of women of all shapes and sizes pull it off. So go for it! If that’s too bulky for you, then try wearing leggings under your dress and some boots!

6. Accessories These are so important when you’re winterizing your wardrobe! As I mentioned above, a scarf can do the trick but don’t underestimate the power of a handbag or a hat. Oh, have I mentioned how much I love hats?! A conductor hat, beret, or a cable knit pom pom hat is the perfect finish for your winter look.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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