How Much Is Your Child’s Tooth Worth?

How much does a tooth go for in your house?

Do you just give coins?

Or do you dish out the big bucks?

Do you give toys and gifts?

I’ve heard of parents giving their kids $20 for a tooth and as little as 20 pennies.

how much is a child's tooth worth

My son has been waiting for this moment since he was 3. When he was 5, his friends started losing their teeth, and that was hard on him since he had no signs of this happening anytime soon. He would come in from school, with his upper lip sticking out and just sit there looking so very pathetic. It didn’t help that his older brother was losing teeth left and right.

There were weeks where he would ask me everyday to check for wiggly teeth. It got to the point where I was afraid that he was going to go bite a rock or something just so he could get rid of a tooth. To his dismay, no matter how much he wished for one to fall out, it didn’t.

That is, until this past week.We didn’t believe him at first because, as I said, for the past 2 years he has had a “wiggly tooth.” But sure enough, when we checked it was in fact loose, and he was filled with excitement. The day had finally come, his rite of passage.

Holding a tooth in his hand and with his adorable little toothless smile, he rattled off his tooth fairy wish list:  eating out at an expensive restaurant, $20, a remote control car . . . his list went on and on and it kept changing throughout the day. Oh and he did say if we couldn’t give him $20 he would settle for $10. I finally, sat him down and gave him the low down on how the Tooth Fairy works. He went to sleep that night with a twinkle in his eye, but awoke with a frown on his face.

Can you believe we forgot?  I mean the tooth fairy forgot.

The Tooth Fairy and Raton Perez forgot to come. I felt awful. I couldn’t believe we forgot. Well, to my relief I was off the hook because apparently he only wanted Raton Perez to visit.  And guess who is Raton Perez in our home?  My husband is Raton Perez, and I am the Tooth Fairy. I have shared a little about our own tradition and tooth traditions from around the world here.

How much is your child’s tooth worth?  What have you done when the absent-minded tooth fairy forgot to visit?


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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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