Top 20 DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

I am a sucker for babies and toddlers in costumes.   In our house, dressing up in costumes is a year round affair.  We have always kept a stash of costumes for them to dress up in. Some days my boys dress up as a pirate/Batman/doctor all in one outfit. So needless, to say our whole family gets really excited about dressing up on Halloween.

Costumes can be pricey so I am always looking for costume ideas to make for my little ones.  The first thing I look at when I am costume Pinterest “shopping”  is: easy and creative.  I try to make them durable enough so they can make it through their trick or treat day and still go in there costume stash to reuse.  This costume collection is sure wow your neighbors.

I have scoured the internet to bring you these awesome and fun costume ideas, that for the most part are super easy to make. No naughty leopard costume included.

  • 18 DIY Costumes for Kids 1 of 19

    An array of colorful and creative costumes for your little ones! 

  • Where’s Waldo? 2 of 19

    I love this! It's absolutely adorable and so easy to put together!

    via Repeat Crafter Me

  • Viking Costume 3 of 19

    You won't believe what this blogger used for the fur on this costume.  

    via I am a Momma Hear Me Roar

  • Easy Yarn Wig 4 of 19

    This easy yarn wig is the perfect addition to any costume! Or it could work for those of us who don't want to wear a costume but don't mind a wig.

    via Ucreate

  • King and Queen of Hearts 5 of 19

    One of my favorite things about the movie Alice in the Wonderland is all of the lovely costumes. The Weisse Guys had a fun Alice in the Wonderland party with lots of great costumes.

    via The Weisse Guys

  • Pharoah Mummy Costume 6 of 19

    This is such a great and easy costume idea.

    via Alpha Mom

  • Scarecrow 7 of 19

    If I had a little girl, this lovely little scarecrow is the costume I would make for her.

    via Pottery Barn

  • Where the Wild Things Are 8 of 19

    I am simply in awe of these handmade Where the Wild Things Are costumes!

    via The Kimball Heard

  • Superhero Winged Wren 9 of 19

    Winged Wren costume! So adorable, and the little details are lovely.

    via Small for Big

  • Mary Poppins 10 of 19

    I love how original, not to mention adorable, this costume is. Here you have Mary Poppins and Bert.

    via Buzzmills

  • R2-D2 11 of 19

    Oh my word, this is adorable. Little Princess Leia and R2-D2 costumes are so fun!

    via Made with Moxie

  • White Rabbit from Alice in the Wonderland 12 of 19
  • Army Man Costume 13 of 19

    As a mom with three boys, army men are my enemy. They take over my walking space and never go away. I keep finding them in corners and cracks, but this little guy here is adorable, not to mention creative! Check out the details on how this blogger put it together.

    via Wild Ink Press

  • Owls 14 of 19

    Oh my word, this is precious! Adorable little owls!

    via This Heart of Mine

  • Baboon 15 of 19

    Original and adorable! I love how creative she gets for the fur.

    via Crafter Hours

  • Violet Flower 16 of 19

    I love how she took a purple crocheted hooded sweater and added the petals in! This is perfect for any age.

    via Buzzmills

  • Mario and Luigi 17 of 19

    This is an easy costume to put together at the last minute: Mario and Luigi!

    via Maker Mama

  • Nurse 18 of 19

    This costume will definitely get lots of use throughout the year!

    via Sew Delicious

  • Elvis 19 of 19

    You have to go check out all the lovely details from this Elvis costume.

    via Let's Do Sew

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