Top 5 Sunscreens for Kids

Top 5 sunscreens for kidsIt wasn’t until I became a mom that I realized and learned the importance of sunscreen. It’s a bit unfortunate because as a young adult I was constantly healing sunburns from spending hours in the sun. I know now the importance of protecting my skin and my kid’s skin with sunscreen.

Many parents forget that sunscreen is a must for kids just like moisturizer is. Our kids are spending a lot of time outdoors and even when the sun isn’t shining the UV rays are still hurting our skin. I have had my battles with finding sunscreens that meet our family’s needs especially our kids. My children have sensitive skin.

I have tried many different sunscreens for kids. I like to use products that are consistent with brands we use regularly because they tend to work best for us. I am open to trying different sunscreens especially when my friends recommend them and if they have natural ingredients. When I purchase sunscreen I look for products that smell good, aren’t greasy, and most importantly get the job done.

It’s crucial to start sun safety early in age consider making sunscreen part of your morning routine.

Here are my family’s  top sunscreens for kids.

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    Top 5 sunscreens for kids

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  • Neutrogena Pure & Free Sunscreen 2 of 6
    Neutrogena Pure and Free Sunscreen


    I love using Neutrogena's pure & free sunscreen because it's SPF 45 and hypoallergenic. It's free of fragrance, dyes and oils. It also consist of tear free formula which is perfect for babies that rub their eyes and face a lot. This is a great product. 

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  • AVEENO Baby Natural Protection Lotion Sunscreen 3 of 6

    Part of Aveeno's Active Naturals line this is definitely a product my family uses.  It is made of natural ingredients including the oat extract used in many of their products  This is a  great product for my kids when their eczema flares up. It doesn't irritate my kids skin and keeps them protected with SPF 50

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  • Burt Bee’s Baby Bee Sunscreen Stick 4 of 6
    Burt Bee's Baby Bee Sunscreen Stick

    I love that Burt bees natural products. This sunscreen claims to be 100% natural and hypoallergenic. With an SPF of 30 this sunscreen stick is for both face and body. I this this is one of the best ones for babies and toddlers. 

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  • Neutrogenas Wet Skin kids stick 5 of 6
    Neutrogena's Wet Skin Kids Stick

    Besides this product being a SPF 70 it is so convenient to carry on the go. I keep this stick handy in my bag because we never know when we might end up outdoors and need extra protection. It has Neutrogena's Helioplex formula which gives extra protection and is also oil free and hypoallergenic. It can be used if the kids are went or dry. 

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  • YesTo Cucumbers Natural Sunscreen 6 of 6
    YesTo Cucumbers Natural Sunscreen

    This sunscreen is water resistant for 40 mins with SPF 40. It is free of Petroleum, SLS and Parabens it's been recommended by the skin cancer foundation too. I like that Yesto products are honest about their natural ingredients and claim to be 97% natural with this sunscreen. 

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Do you use sunscreen regularly? What are some of your favorite brands?

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