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Tomorrow we celebrate Valentine’s Day. There are many legends about Saint Valentine, all having to do with self sacrificing priests who gave up their life for love.

As a good home school mom, I’ve been reading up on this holiday to share with my son. There were so many interesting things that I discovered which I don’t recall ever learning this when I was little.  It could’ve been that I missed it because of the excitement to open up my nasty conversation heart candies and read my Valentine cards from classmates.

So there are many legends going around on Saint Valentine, but one of the legends I enjoyed reading was about a priest who lived during a time when the Roman law under Claudius the Cruel forbade young couples to marry because he wanted single strong men to fight in his army. But Valentine broke the law and in secret he would marry young couples. When Claudius discovered this he had him killed. In his honor–friendship, love, romance and bravery were celebrated on Valentine’s Day.

Such a lovely story of sacrifice.

Well, I was inspired to make this printable in honor of Friendship, Love, Romance, God’s Love, and Family.

This is a wonderful reminder for all of us who have committed to making the most of our moments with our loved ones. Make sure you join our free Carpe Diem—Family Style Facebook group to get tips and get encouraged on your journey to making the most of your time with kids.

You can download the printable for FREE here.

Childrens book source: The Legend of the Valentine by Katherine Grace Bond and The Story of Valentine’s Day by Clyde Robert Bulla, The Holiday Kids Vol. 1 by Sidney Kuhn

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