Vapor Rub: The Ultimate Home Remedy

Vapor Rub The Ultimate Home RemedyMy grandmother was known for her home remedies and for using Vapor Rub on everyone! Any health related issue we had my grandmother would come to the rescue with a concoction or remedy that included vapor rub.

I grew up running from the smell of vapor rub. To this day when I think of my grandmother I remember her smelling like vapor rub. She use to apply it to below our nose, on our chest, back, feet, and even whole body at times.

Recently, as I was being attacked by mosquitoes during my vacation, my dad came into my room and claimed to have something that would help. I looked over at him to see a familiar blue container—it was vapor rub. This brough back so many memories. I laughed and said no thank you. I refused to put any on myself. He said ok don’t complain later that it hurts. My poor legs and arms are paying for it. It’s nice to see my parents encourage the usage of vapor rub because after all it is the ultimate home remedy.

As a mom and wife I now find myself using vapor rub much more than I’d like. I still cringe at the smell but I know that it works for some of the things my family uses it for. I give in now because even with the lingering smell of vapor rub on my hands I know my family suffering can be much more to handel. I’m willing to give in much more when it comes to my kids too. I like to think my grandmother is putting her good witch habits to work by having me use vapor rub time after time since I ran from her all the time.

Here are some great vapor rub home remedies:

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    Vapor Rub The Ultimate Home Remedy

    Scroll through the images to learn what you can use vapor rub for. 

  • Bug bites 2 of 11
    Bug bites

    Bugs love my blood my grandmother would tell me. I was the first kid to get bit by anything still to this day I have scars and bites from my visits to Mexico. Applying a generous amount of vapor rub on your arms and legs as if it were lotion helps keeps bugs away.

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  • Catching a cold 3 of 11
    Catching a cold

    The most common use for vapor rub is for a cold or the flu. Using vapor rub on your chest, back and under your nose helps relieve some of the symptoms. My grandmother would take it a step further and rub out feet and put socks on. She said this helped us sweat out the illness. 

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  • Minor cuts and scrapes 4 of 11

    Imagine getting a minor cut or even worse your little ones come in storming crying with a scrape from a recent fall. My grandmother would clean our wounds and apply some vapor rub to prevent infection. 

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  • Headache relief 5 of 11

    My grandmother suffered from headaches and she would apply vapor rub to her temples and forehead to help relieve it. I'm not sure if it ever worked but she practiced this often. 

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  • Rough heels 6 of 11

    I remember growing up seeing many of my aunts apply vapor rub to the heels of their feet. Like I said they use this stuff like lotion in my family. What I didn't realize then was they were actually aiding rough cracked heels. Vapor rub is known to not only heal rough heels but it helps keep your skin soft. 

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  • Breathing 7 of 11

    When my son was little he had huge breathing issues. He was even put on a breathing treatment that needed to be on at least one hour a day. 

    My parents suggested that we buy a humidifier and to add vapor rub to the water. It was such a great relief for him. Now when he get's ill we know what can help his breathing. 

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  • Itchy skin relief 8 of 11

    During our recent vacation we've gotten some pretty dry skin. Applying a small amount of vapor rub has helped. Vapor rub is also great to relieve a sunburn. I've gotten plenty of those over the years and while you'd think it would cause more stinging it really does relieve the pain. 

  • Blemishes 9 of 11

    I'm not the type to have massive acne but in our family this has been an issue. I've had several friends share that applying a small dab over a breakout can help.

  • Tattoo color and relief 10 of 11

    When I got my first tattoo my father wasn't happy. He didn't say a word as he brought over some vapor rub and said here apply this. He said you might as well take care of it since you have it now. He claimed the vapor rub would help keep the shine and color in my tattoo. I can say that it did help with the color. It also helped relieve some of the pain. 

  • Earaches 11 of 11

    My grandmother was famous for applying cotton balls or small tissues with some vapor rub into our ears if we ever complained about an earache. I haven't tried this as an adult but I know many in my family continue to use this as a remedy. 

Please note that these are remedies that have worked for me and my family. Always consult a doctor for medical issues.


What are some of your common uses for vapor rub?

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