Walk Down Memory Lane…The Novelas I Watched Growing Up as a Little Girl

As a little girl, watching novelas was a family affair at my house. Once 8pm hit, my mom, sister and cousins would quickly gather around the TV to watch our favorite novela. It didn’t matter if all the plots were pretty much the same—you know, where the poor girl falls in love for the rich guy.  We enjoyed watching them. Eventually as I grew older, I couldn’t help but replace novelas with American shows such as The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Saved by The Bell. The other day, in one of my early morning breastfeeding sessions, I came across a rerun of the novela MariMar while flipping through the TV.  I couldn’t help but get nostalgic and remember those simple days of watching novelas with my family.

Here are some of my all-time favorite novelas I watched growing up as a kid. Did you watch any of these? Which novela did you watch growing up?

  • Corazon Salvaje 1 of 7
    Corazon Salvaje
    A love triangle mixed with a feud between brothers, this was one of my mom's favorite novela. Perhaps it's because she couldn't resist Juan del Diablo's luscious locks.
    photo: wikipedia
  • Carrusel de Niños 2 of 7
    Carrusel de Niños
    The story of school children from different backgrounds coming together to become friends. This novela was one of my favorites. I was always rooting for Cirilio, the poor little boy who falls in love with the rich girl, Maria Joaquina. She just wouldn't give him the time of day---geesh!
    photo: Televisa
  • MariMar, Maria la del Barrio and Maria Mercedes 3 of 7
    MariMar, Maria la del Barrio and Maria Mercedes
    Or better yet, let's call it the Marias Trilogy. These were all a must-see at my house growing up. The story lines are pretty much all the same; poor girl falls in love with a rich guy. Till' this day I can still sing the theme song to all three. And who can forget the adorable dog Pulgoso—Pa' Su Mecha MariMar!
  • Dos Mujeres Un Camino 4 of 7
    Dos Mujeres Un Camino
    The story of Johnny, a married truck driver who falls in love with a woman during one of his road trips. Looking back, I was probably a little too young to be watching this novela. Let's just say parental TV guidance ratings had not been introduced yet.
    photo: HoyTVNovelas
  • Soñadoras 5 of 7
    This novela featured everything from love, friendship and conflict surrounding a group of high school students. I remember rushing home from school to watch this novela. I also had the biggest crush on Kuno Becker.
  • El Juego de la Vida 6 of 7
    El Juego de la Vida
    Another one of my favorite novelas in my pre-teens was El Juego de la Vida. It involved a group of high-school girls soccer players who faced your typical teen challenges, on-and-off of the field.
  • Betty la Fea 7 of 7
    Betty la Fea
    Before the American, Ugly Betty, came the Colombian "Betty la Fea." This was the last novela I ever watched. Oh and did you know I once played Betty la Fea in a school play. Yep, braces and all.
    photo: Getty Iimages

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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