What my Mom Dressing me as a Kid Taught me About Fashion

Fashion is a funny thing when you’re a kid. It’s even funnier when your mom won’t let you dress yourself. When I wanted to wear one thing, she put me in another. Let’s just say I’m a tiny bit envious when I see my friends’ little ones walking around in tutus and princess dresses. With my mom, it was literally her way or no way. But, that’s OK, my mom taught me so much about fashion…without her even knowing it.

Through all the years of the hottest trends, styles, and mistakes of fashion I’ve learned what I consider a very valuable lesson. I will wear whatever I want, as long as I am comfortable and confident in it. And I thank my mom for that.

Yes, my mom dressed me. I was in a world of hair bows, ruffled socks, and yucky dresses. Don’t get me started on the Madonna Material Girl days. Can you say jelly shoes, rubber bracelets, and Menudo purses? And everything matched…everything.


As an awkward pre-teen with low self-esteem, sometimes I was in things I didn’t think I could wear or should wear. But, mom knew best and it turned out to be fabulous. In fact, she never put me in anything embarrassing or ridiculous. Oh wait…there was that one time she put me in that hat and silk shorts combo. She still defends herself on that outfit until this day. I guess you can say she was my stylist, before the Rachel Zoes of the world.

As a feisty teenager, I will admit there were some outfits that didn’t fly. We argued and most of the time she won, because she’s the mom and she bought my clothes. Thank goodness for birthday cash! But, as my personal style developed so did our relationship. She was able to see that I was a young woman with my own taste in clothing that I was willing to fight for.

Today, she still doesn’t understand why I wanted to wear my brother’s baggy jeans, those “ugly” Doc Martens, or my all-black clothing phase. This is an ongoing discussion. And we still aren’t on the same fashion page now. Our tastes are definitely different and we’re OK with that.

After all these years, I’ve realized that even though my mom dressed me in whatever she wanted, I am an individual. That’s what fashion is really about. Figuring out who you are and dressing to your hearts desire. Forget the fashion critics of the world.

As a fashion blogger I do put myself out there. I want to show other women that fashion is what you make of it. We all have different styles, come in different sizes, and want to look and feel fabulous. And there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s fashion.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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