What NOT to Give Dad for Father’s Day

we are that familiaI am that mom who stays up late the night before Father’s Day trying to come up with cutesy food, activities and ideas to go along with a silly theme for a “surprise” breakfast for dad. When I say silly, I actually mean ridiculous. Take a look at how ridiculous I was last year with my Father’s Day breakfast that I prepared for husband.

Well, I have learned since then. My cute little theme was fun for my children and so were the activities, but weren’t necessarily what my husband always wanted.  Let me preface this by saying my kids could give my husband a card that says DAD written in dog poo and my husband would take it with a smile before giving them a big hug. And believe me, I wouldn’t put it past my kids to write with poo. I think most dads would love anything their child made with love, but maybe the dog poo is where you draw the line.

However, there are some gifts, if given the opportunity to choose, most dads would NOT pick. (Though I am sure if your adorable 2-year-old walked up to dad with any of the gifts below he would smile and say, “I LOVE IT, THAT’S JUST WHAT I WANTED.”)

Statistics tell us that moms are celebrated more than dads. Did you know that Americans will spend $14.6 billion on mom but $9.4 billion on dad, according to My husband is an amazing dad, so I truly do want to rise above the corny and cliched gifts and help direct my boys from buying dad another wallet. Here’s what we will not be purchasing:

  • #1 Dad Teddy Bear 1 of 9
    father's day gift ideas

    This is cute for little boys; not for big men.  If your child MUST buy it, I totally understand, but there's no excuse why mom should be buying this for dad. Dad does NOT need a teddy bear holding a star with "#1 Dad" written on it to know he is loved. image via Toyshelf 

  • Save the Flowers for Mom or Grandma 2 of 9
    paper flowers

    These are adorable, but let's save them for mom.

  • Ugly Tie 3 of 9
    ugly ties

    I was the most cliched gift-giver ever as a kid. My dad only wore ties two times in his whole entire life, but we still gave him an ugly tie, year after year. Sorry dad. image via Lifehackery

  • That’s just wrong, mug! 4 of 9
    pig mug

    Mom may collect pigs. Your sweet girl  may be enamored with all things Olivia the Pig, but if the man of the house isn't into them, don't give dad a pig snout mug.  image via Charlotte Carrendar

  • Superman Cape 5 of 9
    diy superman cape

    Dad may be as strong and handsome as Superman, but he doesn't need a cape. And for goodness sake, if he must wear one, let's keep it inside the house.  via Little Pink Monster

  • Singing Trout 6 of 9
    singing trout

    Just don't do it.

  • Socks 7 of 9
    dad socks

    Boring socks are a no, but these ones particularly so. If you must get him socks, please, whatever you do, don't get him toe socks. image via kulfoto

  • Hygiene Kit 8 of 9
    hygiene kit

    There's nothing like a subtle hint. You think you're saying, "Here honey, I really thought you would love this hygiene kit" but what you're really saying is, "Get your act together.  Get rid of that uni-brow and the hair coming out of your ears." 

  • Cheap Cologne and Aftershave 9 of 9
    brut cologne

    Okay, so this is more of a lame gift, but as a kid I pretty much gave this to father each year.  It was inexpensive and I really thought he liked it.  

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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