What’s the Most You’ve Spent on a Handbag?

I had an entire post about designer handbags ready to go. You know, the bags that make you drool when you look at them. The works of art that are clearly designed with one purpose in mind—to spend a lot of money on them. Yes, they’re impeccably made. Sometimes designed and handcrafted in Italian workshops, with hardware to die for.

But, let’s be honest. There’s no way this blogger can afford buying designer bags on a whim. As much as I’d love to carry an Alexander McQueen bag on my arm, it’s not smart of me—especially on my current budget. That’s why I create “designer handbag wish lists” on my blog. It helps a little.

Thinking about and lusting after handbags got me thinking about how inexpensive they are and how expensive they can be!  I started wondering what’s the most I’ve spent on one. Probably a couple of hundred dollars during my Nordstrom days.

Today,  I’m just a regular chica like the rest of you—who just happens to love a good handbag at a decent price.

So, I’m curious…what’s the most you’ve spent on a handbag?

$25? $50? $75 $100? $1000?

Or do you not have a spending limit? In the gallery below (which starts at $25 bags) you’ll find a bag priced at over $80,000!!! Yes, you read that right!

Sound off below! 

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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