When Grandma Intervenes: Feeding my Skinny Kid!

feeding my skinny kidMy mami is a helicopter abuela.  Yes, we’ve all heard the term when it comes to parenting your own child, but what in the world do we do when our moms or dads try their hand at parenting our kids?

With my youngest son, my mom has a special “affection” towards him.  He is my little weak-link and if anything is going to happen to any of my kids, it’s always going to happen to him.  He was a tough pregnancy, broke his arm when he was two, was diagnosed with asthma at 4, and oh, have I mentioned that he is super skinny?

My mom can’t stand skinny kids.  My typical Mexican mom CANNOT STAND SKINNY KIDS.  She is always thinking of tactics to try and fatten up my poor, defenseless child.  Let me give you a run down of what she has tried to feed him in the past, with no avail, mind you….

She always uses the ploy of asking him to come over and just visit, but since my son still has no clue of her deceitful ways, he goes to her house completely unaware of what he’s about to get himself into:

Cookies, pan dulce, arroz con leche, champurrado, peanut butter sandwiches,  enchiladas, bean and cheese burritos, Ensure for kids,  smoothies, Mexican rice con pollo, papas con chile, corn tamales, bolios with butter, apples with caramel, pears with caramel, quesadillas, tortillas with butter,  tortas, chips, Takis, caramel popcorn, hot dogs, carne azada burritos, oranges, pasta with cheese and the culinary list goes on and on…

I kid you not. When he comes back to me in tears, because grandma is making him eat, all I can do is comfort him and say, “Well, that’s grandma!”

She’s tried everything she can think of to make my son gain some weight. I’ve explained to her many times that according to his doctor visits, he is within normal range in both height and weight.  I’ve even gone as far as blaming his Asian genes as to why he’s so thin.

It’s been an ongoing battle between the three of us. One that my son keeps winning, since he hasn’t gained a single ounce.

Oh, grandmas… don’t you just love them?

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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