News That Makes You Go Hmm: Women with Big Butts Are Healthier and Smarter

I was perusing Facebook when I actually read this headline: “Women with Big Butts are Smarter and Healthier.” Seriously, when you read a headline as ridiculously hilarious as that, you have to wonder. So I had to find out for myself because, really, if this is true, then what have I been complaining about for the past 25 years of my life?!

As a Latina who has always had a bigger bottom and thighs than most of my friends, I wished I would’ve read this when I was 14 years old and trying to squeeze into the jeans of my BFF, who was a skinny little thing.

That way, instead of being jealous I could have said, “It’s okay that I don’t fit into your size-6 jeans; at least I know that I’m smarter and healthier than you.” (Now that’s a comeback if I’ve ever heard one!)

But seriously, as I clicked on the article, I also wanted to know if someone was actually going to defend this headline with research. And to my surprise, the writer sort of did.

So are women with big butts healthier and smarter?

The Elite Daily writer tried to make a compelling argument by quoting an ABC News article: “A new review published by researchers at the University of Oxford and Churchill Hospital in the United Kingdom suggests that people who carry their body fat in their thighs and backside aren’t just carrying extra weight, but also some extra protection against diabetes, heart disease and other conditions associated with obesity.”

I’m no medical professional, but the article on Elite Daily is a bit of a stretch with its claim that big butts make you smarter. As far as the research findings that more butt and thigh fat makes you healthier, that is still not shared by all experts.

I did find the ABC News article interesting. “But it is unclear if the fat in the thighs and backside are better for you than simply being thin, experts say.”

“If you’re a healthy thin weight, you’re going to be every bit as healthy as someone who has weight, but has all the weight in the lower body,” said Jensen. “But while lower body fat may be healthier than upper body fat, at this point, people have little control over where their body chooses to store its fat, with spot-toning a myth and the only options coming from pharmaceutical side effects.”

Well, I for one am more than happy to claim this research as credible. After 3 babies these hips and thighs aren’t getting smaller!

News that makes you go “hmmm.”

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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