Food For Thought Fridays: You know you’re a teacher if…

food for thought fridays
This week our Food For Thought Fridays is in honor of our amazing teachers who do so much for our children day in and day out.  They truly believe that every child holds the potential to change the world.

So instead of giving you a lengthy speech about the miracle workers that teach our children everyday, I wanted to honor teachers by giving them this simple gift: an opportunity to laugh. And sharing how you can get some free food from one of my favorite stops for burritos.

You know you're a teacher if

Hispanicially Speaking announced that Chipotle Restaurant is honoring teachers with a BOGO free menu item for all U.S. restaurants!  Yes, you read right: BOGO at Chipotle! You must show your teacher identification. Stop by Hispanically Speaking to get the details.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program. Laughter makes your whole countenance light up, giving your mind an opportunity to relax. Pull up a chair and enjoy laughing until you have to pee on yourself.  And if you readers are moms and have more than one child, you know it doesn’t take much before that happens. Speaking of children, next week we will honor MOMS with You know you’re a mom if…  So feel free and share with us in the comments section your, “You know if you’re a mom if….

Some of these quotes were suggestions from our readers and some were from the internet, enjoy them all. What are some your favorites, “You know you’re a teacher if…”

  • You Know You’re a Teacher if… 1 of 18
  • Reason 2 2 of 18
  • Reason 3 3 of 18
  • Reason 4 4 of 18
  • Reason 5 5 of 18
  • Reason 6 6 of 18
  • Reason 7 7 of 18
  • Reason 8 8 of 18
  • Reason 9 9 of 18
  • Reason 10 10 of 18
  • Reason 11 11 of 18
  • Reason 12 12 of 18
  • Reason 13 13 of 18
  • Reason 14 14 of 18
  • Reason 15 15 of 18
  • Reason 16 16 of 18
  • Reason 17 17 of 18
  • Reason 18 18 of 18

Every Friday I will be sharing with you my new series: “Food for Thought Fridays: Quotes, Deep Thoughts and Downright Stupidity.”

Next week, in honor of Mother’s Day we will be sharing,  “You know you’re a Mom if you ______.” Stop by and leave your comments below. 

I know that by Friday we can all use a little inspiration, encouragement or humor.  I hope you enjoy these thoughts, tips, ramblings from famous people, lovely people, inspiring people, rich people, kids, moms, mother-in-laws, ex-boyfriends, teachers, dads…. Because not just the eloquent and famous deserve to be quoted.

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