8 Hacks That Will Make Your Kids Think You’re Supermom

Need a way to make your little ones smile this summer while giving yourself an ego boost? These fun activities for the younger kids will make you feel like Supermom except instead of you taking flight, your summer will be the one just soaring by. All 24 hours a day of it. Seven days a week. For three months. Well, you’re going out of your mind with boredom anyway, so just try them.

1. Colorful Food

image source: thinkstock
image source: thinkstock

Do you know what the secret is to making anything special? Food coloring. Do you know who eats anything pink? Your daughter. Especially once you brainwash her by reading her “Pinkalicious” one million times in a row.

2. Pipe Cleaner People

With minimal effort, you too can make an entire neighborhood of people out of pipe cleaners. People pay good money for this skill in the workforce, too. Well, not really, but your kids will love it.

3. Fairies Who Leave Presents

This is so easy for you it’s ridiculous and makes your children think there is magic around every corner. Supplies: crap from the dollar store. Setup: put it on the table when they aren’t looking. Script: “Look! The Arbor Day Fairy arrived and brought you silly putty!”

4. Phone Call Prediction

This one only works if you have people who actually call you. Probably only your mom and your husband. All you have to do is keep your phone on silent and when you see it ring, say, “I was just thinking of Grandma. I wonder what she’s doing.” Then answer the phone on speaker. Magic ESP, thanks to your mobile device.

5. Origami

image source: thinkstock
image source: thinkstock

If you are artistic, figure out how to make a swan out of paper. Insta-cool. Even teenagers think it’s cool. (I’m lying about that last part.)

6. Their Own Coffee

Ingredients: two extra cups from Starbucks, an ounce of decaf coffee, and loads of special creamer. Voila, your kids can be just like you. Except you don’t order decaf because you want to actually stay awake until naptime.

7. Dress Up

Let your kids wear your good clothes. And by good clothes I mean all the going out clothes from your 20’s that you don’t have the heart to donate yet. Sequins = every little girl’s fantasy wear.

8. Actually Cool Pool Toys

Here’s the trick: take toys from your house that aren’t meant for the pool. That’s it. That’s the whole trick. You’ll be a believer when you see the other kids fight over the waterlogged Barbie.

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