The Capricorn Mom’s August 2018 Horoscope: Focus on the Good Things

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Fiery Mars retrograde returns to your sign on the 12th, dear Capricorn, but that’s no reason to freak out.

What is awesome about your life right now? … How about the fact that you’re three poops into Operation Potty Chair and the kid is really starting to get it?

Focus on what’s working and you will avoid the emotional landmines of August. Mars may be known as the god of war, but it’s not all that serious this time. He’s just putting the final touches on any lessons you’ve recently learned around impatience. You know, like how to not lose your mind when you wind up in Costco’s slow lane with two squirrelly kids on a scorching Saturday afternoon. Things will chill out by month’s end.

Venus in Libra squares Saturn in Capricorn on the 10th, threatening to unleash the kind of relationship turbulence that has the potential to completely zap your energy, but only if you allow yourself to get sucked into the drama.

Take the high road, call your bestie for some deep belly laughs, and then pour your energy into rocking the small daily tasks of your rent-paying gig or keeping things grooving at home with the little ones. You can even make it fun for yourself by getting a little wild with your wardrobe or goosing up the breakfast menu.

If all you do is manage to maintain the peace, particularly your own inner peace, you’ll have won this round and your health will flourish as a result.

Mars goes direct in your sign on the 27th, giving a new financial strategy the bump it needs to get some momentum going, which is a huge relief. Progress may be slow at first, but persistence and your infamous determination will put you on track for ending the year on a high note. You got this.

Your mantra for the month of August is: Fly low. Fly slow. If I don’t stop, I’ll get there.

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