The Sagittarius Mom’s August 2018 Horoscope: Life Is Better Together

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The New Moon in Leo on the 11th finds you in your element: fired up and ready for an adventure. You may decide to do something as radical as switching careers or, more likely, letting the kids drag their comforters outside for an impromptu campout on the lawn. Don’t forget the s’mores!

With Uranus going retrograde on the 7th, you’re reexamining some recent spiritual insights and may find these lessons informing conversations with your partner or kids.

You’re not afraid to talk about the big stuff, like the meaning of life or what happens to our souls when we finally split this joint. Children are naturally curious about these things. If yours are asking, be sure to temper your taste for philosophy with simpler concepts they can wrap their minds around.

Mercury goes direct in Leo on the 18th, which could translate into big career success for either you or your spouse — the kind that has the potential to upend the family dynamic.

You are the rare individual who actually enjoys sudden change (Hello, purple highlights!), which tends to scare the pants off most people. So be sure to give your loved ones a heads up the second you catch wind of any news with life-altering potential. Some folks just need time to adjust to this kind of expansion. If you can exercise a little patience, they’ll get there eventually.

Your mantra for the month of August is: Life is better together.

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