The Scorpio Mom’s August 2018 Horoscope: A Helping Hand Comes Your Way

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Pluto, your ruling planet, is still retrograde, urging you to finally make peace with the fact that you can’t do it all — not all at once, anyway. With all the juggling you’ll be doing in August, you should have Michelle Obama biceps by month’s end!

Keep in mind that you do not have to agree to every request that comes your way. Do you really want to chaperone the drill team’s fundraiser on the first day you’ve had off in weeks? If it’s not a “heck, yes,” it’s a “no.”

Mars goes direct in results-driven Capricorn on the 27th, reminding you to pace yourself.

If you find yourself taking on too many things, let your honey know that it’s time to start pulling more weight at home or enlist Grandma to help more with the kids. She’s all up in your biz with advice anyway, and hello — she’s your mom! She loves taking care of you.

You pride yourself on being a one-woman operation, so it may come as a shock to your loved ones when you finally reach out. Don’t be surprised if they actually light up at the prospect. Inviting them into your inner circle will strengthen your bond and give you all the happy family feels.

When the Sun enters Virgo on the 23rd, you’ll be able to get the whole gang on board with your agenda. You are so dialed in to your own sense of command that, for the most part, everyone’s stoked to follow your lead. Wield your newfound power with an eye for creating win-win situations, and your queendom will run like clockwork.

Your mantra for the month of August is: Every Boss Mom needs a little help, sometimes.

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