Brevity Is An Art and So Is Cat Poop Breath

LettersThis is pretty new for me.

I got the advice that my posts should always bring something of value.

So, here you go!


You can choose to get involved with my site because of two things:

  • this site will have no redeeming qualities at all
  • the posts are really freaking short

As you may have read in my bio, I had some strokes a couple of years ago and ended up in a wheelchair. One of the things the strokes did was leave me left-handed.  I used to be right-handed.

So now all posts are written one-handed with the WRONG hand.  It’s awesome.

It’s like putting in a suppository with barbed wire! Everyone should try it.

The other thing you should know is that I have no real purpose.  I run a few sites that have “themes” or “messages” but for the most part you can expect a whole bunch of random.

So if you’re hoping for anything earth-shattering you’ve definitely come to the wrong place.

But you can get THIS!

Urban Dictionary - Cat Poop Breath
Urban Dictionary - Cat Poop Breath

Have a nice day!

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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