Car Seat Considerations For the Next Time Around

Car Seat ConsiderationsFor many first time parents, much time and consideration goes into choosing a car seat for their precious, little bundle. But, for some reason, I wasn’t one of them. When I was pregnant with my baby, I felt very thankful to receive hand-me-downs from friends and family. Money wasn’t exactly plentiful and car seats aren’t exactly cheap, so I was thrilled when I received a hand-me-down infant car seat from a friend. Even though I hadn’t done a lot of research when it came to car seats, I knew that she had and I felt confident in using it for my baby.

But, after gaining a bit of real-life mom experience, I think I might do things a little differently the next time around when it comes to choosing a car seat.

I actually didn’t mind our hand-me-down car seat all that much, but now that Fern is about to reach the weight limit for her infant car seat, we’re going to have to transition to a “big kid car seat” which means we’ll have to buy a new car seat anyway. I am totally dreading this. I’m not only dreading the fact that we have to shell out the cash for one (I realize that a car seat is the most important item a child will use; an item responsible for keeping them safe on an almost daily basis, so it’s obviously worth the expense), but also because I’m not looking forward to figuring out how a new car seat works and all the set up. It took me quite awhile to become proficient at tightening and adjusting and inserting the car seat that we have now, so I’m not excited about having to start all over again.

So, what would I do differently?

I’d get an all-in-one car seat…one that could grow with my baby without causing me added expenses of headaches. I didn’t even know that such a thing even existed until I read about the Graco Snugride Click Connect 40. It’s the only newborn to 2-year car seat available and it even works with the Graco Click Connect strollers so you can easily attach your car seat to your stroller. This is another thing my car seat didn’t do, so I was never able to attach it to my stroller which would’ve been really convenient.

Now that I have some mom experience under my belt, I’ve had a lot of my pregnant friends ask me for tips when registering. They always wonder what things are really essentials and what aren’t. I try to share all my experiences – the things I bought, but never used and the things I wish I’d bought. The Graco all-in-one car seat is definitely on my list of things I wish I’d bought, and I’m happy to pass this info along to my friends (and to you readers!). And whenever our Baby #2 comes along, I’ll be taking my own advice on this matter – live annd learn!

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