14 Foods You Can Recreate from Disney Movies

Whether I was a 4-year-old watching Beauty and the Beast for the first time, or replaying it on a rainy Sunday, Disney movies have always been a constant part of my life. I’ve seen all of the classic animated films more times than I can count, making the characters from the movies very dear to my heart. I want to dance around the ballroom with Belle, go to battle with Mulan, and cook with Remy.

Now while I know I’m not actually able to jump into the screen to hang out with my favorite characters, there is a way to bring the magic of Disney to my kitchen table (beside my Mickey-rimmed dinner plates).

Here is a list of 14 foods from iconic Disney films that you can make right at home!

1. Ratatouille | Ratatouille

We can’t all be professional chefs like Remy, but give it a try! It might be good enough to impress Anton Ego … Ratatouille Collage(recipe via Disney Family)

2. Tony’s Spaghetti Speciale | Lady and the Tramp

Extra points if you reenact the scene with your spouse or little ones!Meatball Collage(recipe via Babble)

3. Tiana’s Gumbo | The Princess and the Frog

Take a trip to New Orleans for a night with some chicken and Andouille sausage gumbo. Don’t forget the extra hot sauce!Gumbo Collage(recipe via Babble)

4. “Eat Me” Cookies | Alice in Wonderland

These cookies probably won’t make you grow to the size of the room. (No promises though.)Alice Cookie Collage(recipe via Food in Literature)

5. John Smith’s Biscuits | Pocahontas  

If Meeko likes them, we’re on board!Meeko Collage(recipe via The Little Loaf and cookbook, Homemade Memories)

6. Aurora’s Pink and Blue Cupcakes | Sleeping Beauty

Fifteen layers is quite an undertaking, even if you are a fairy godmother. So instead of trying to bake Fauna’s birthday cake, here are some pink and blue cupcakes that are smaller, but just as special.cupcake Collage(recipe via Disney Family)

7. Belle’s Breakfast Porridge | Beauty and the Beast

Eat with spoon. Or not … either way works.Porridge Collage(recipe via Disney Family)

8. Merida’s Empire Biscuits | Brave 

Enjoy these tasty treats from the Disney film, Brave. And remember what Merida’s mom said, “A princess does not leave her weapons on the table.” So leave your bow outside before you sit down to enjoy these biscuits.Brave Collage(recipe via The Disney Diner)

9. Yeti’s Yellow Snow Cones | Monsters, Inc.

Welcome to the Himalayas! Don’t be afraid of this yellow snow … it’s lemon! And quite refreshing.Snow Cone Collage(recipe via Natural Sweet Recipes)

10. Snow White’s Gooseberry Pie | Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Snow White baked this pie and ended up finding her prince charming. I don’t know if there’s a correlation between the two … but might as well try and see!Pie Collage(recipe via Beekman 1802)

11. City Street Hot Dogs | Oliver & Company

Try these recipes for the best hot dogs on the block.Hot Dog Collage(recipe via Babble)

12. Mushu’s “Happy to See You” Porridge | Mulan 

Start your breakfast with a smile.Mushu Collage(recipe via Spoon University)

13. Tiana’s Beignets | The Princess and the Frog

Apparently, the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.Tiana Collage(recipe via Babble)

14. Kronk’s Spinach Puffs | The Emperor’s New Groove

Remember: it’s the special drink that turned the emperor into a llama. The spinach puffs were perfectly fine.puffs Collage(recipe via M Loves M)

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