Inside the High-Tech Nursery of Your Future

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Have you guys heard of the New Born Fame? It’s a baby mobile featuring social media-themed plush toys that — get this — when the baby touches them, pictures and videos are captured and immediately sent to his or her parent’s mobile device for posting. Thus, creating your “baby’s first selfie.”

I think this is a little ridiculous. Though, it’s world’s better than the original prototype that would instantly upload to social media pages without parental review. This concept may be sort of bizarre but the mobile sparks a thought: what technology are we to expect in our nurseries and what products are already on the market that can change our lives (and the lives of our little ones)? This might surprise you. I know it surprised me! Luckily, most of these futuristic nursery gadgets seem totally helpful and great for baby.

Here are exciting products that are perfect for tech-friendly parents:

1. Protective Sock

Nursery Gadgets
Image source: Owlet Care

This simple little sock is amazing. It measures Baby’s heart rate and oxygen level — perfect for babies who had initial complications when they were born AND for paranoid moms like me!
Available from Owlet Care for $249.99

2. Controlled Baby Bottle

Nursery Gadgets
Image source: Slow Control

Control how your baby gets milk and track the feeding time while you’re at it! It monitor how much and how fast your baby is drinking and provides feedback on how to hold the bottle correctly, avoiding air bubbles that can prevent reflux, gas, and colic. Plus, you can use your baby’s favorite bottle, which just clips right on the base unit. It’s mama’s dream come true!
Coming soon from Slow Control

3. Smart Thermometers

Nursery Gadgets
Image source: Temptraq

There are so many smart thermometers to hit the market, including the 24-hour wearable TempTraq thermometer, Pacif-i pacifier thermometer, and eSkin tattoo thermometer. When my son was a baby, they didn’t have any of these amazing and super easy ways of taking his temperature. If you can use a temporary tattoo to take your baby’s temperature, pretty much anything is possible, right?
Available from Amazon for $19.85

For those of you who want to get in on the high-tech nursery gadget bandwagon now, here are products that have launched within the last few years but are still really neat:

1. Onesie Baby Monitor

Nursery Gadgets
Image source: Mimo Baby

This baby monitor does so much more than spying on baby. It checks baby’s sleeping status, breathing, body positions, and allows you to listen in on your nugget. Who doesn’t want to hear those newborn coos? And as if this thing couldn’t get any more awesome, it’s machine washable … brilliant!
Available from Mimo Baby for $199

2. Soothing Mobile

Image source: Amazon
Image source: Amazon

This is not your ordinary mobile. It senses baby’s sleep cycles and movements, and adapts to sooth your little boy or girl with the following: a mood light, music, wavy movement, white noise, and a projected light show. It works when your baby needs it most. Genius!
Available from Amazon for $96.14

3. Vibrating Mattress Pad

Nursery Gadgets
Image source: Munchkin

If you have a little one who loves to fall asleep in the car, you need this. The pad is placed underneath your crib mattress and vibrates to help sooth your little one. It saves yourself the countless late night trips around the block just to make sure your baby finally goes to sleep!
Available from Munchkin for $25

4. Baby Monitor … from Anywhere

Image source: Amazon
Image source: Amazon

This monitor that looks like it was made by Apple is probably the most high-tech monitor you can get for your baby. I don’t know if I would buy it at this price, but I can definitely see the appeal of being able to see, hear, and talk to your baby whenever you want. You do all this using your mobile device, no matter how far you are from the house (there is an unlimited range). The monitor zooms in and even tilts to be able to get the best possible angle on your little one (plus, you can turn on music and a comforting light, remotely). Again, amazing and awesome, but still expensive.
Available from Amazon for $110

5. Informative Portable Thermostat


Image source: Amazon
Image source: Amazon

I love this idea. I think it’s genius. When my littles were really … little, I was constantly stressing about the temperature in their rooms. Were they too hot? Too cold? I tried putting a thermometer in my son’s room when he was a baby, but I always forgot I had it and would continue to stress. You know how new mom brains work! With this thermometer, it draws attention to itself by changing colors to let you know the room is just right or if adjustments need to be made. It’s perfect!
Available from Amazon for $19.99

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