Let out Your Inner Artist with This DIY Watercolor Summer Scarf!

DIY Watercolor Scarf

I am currently over six months pregnant and it has been consistently above 110 degrees outside for almost a month. As you may imagine, we don’t leave the house much! I maintain my sanity and keep my kids entertained with simple DIY projects like this super pretty watercolor summer scarf. A square of fabric and a few colors of fabric paint keep my boys happily and creatively engaged for at least an hour while I get to make a little something stylish for myself! I’ve already stated that I think lightweight scarves are the BEST spring/summer accessory so I don’t need much prodding to make another summer scarf to add to my collection. I’ve been using this one on my head this whole week to keep the hair off my neck; it really is the perfect finishing touch to my laid-back casual summer outfits!

Want to try making one for yourself? It’s super easy and a whole lot of fun! Click through for the tutorial.

Gather Your Materials 1 of 10
You'll need:
-1/2 yard of white gauze fabric
-a spray bottle
-fabric paint
-a bowl for every color
-a paint brush or two (different sizes yield different effects!)
-paper towels
Step 1: Prep Your Fabric 2 of 10
I got 1/2 yard of white gauze. It's the perfect lightweight summer fabric, it frays nicely on the edges, AND water moves through it really well, which is important for a good watercolor effect. I washed and dried it then cut it in half the long way ...
Step 2: Sew 3 of 10
... then sewed the halves together at the short ends so I'd have a scarf-length piece of fabric.
Step 3: Prep Your Paint 4 of 10
Squeeze some paint into a bowl and add a little water. The more water you add, the more diluted the color will become, but also the less stiff the paint will be after it dries. A 2-to-1 ratio of water to paint ended up being just right for my project, but you may want to play with it a bit.
Step 4: Get Mixing! 5 of 10
Mix up your paint and water. Adjust the color as necessary (I added a little yellow to brighten my orange a bit more).
Ready to Paint! 6 of 10
Once you've got your colors all mixed then you're ready to go!
Step 5: Wet Your Fabric 7 of 10
Use your spray bottle to dampen your fabric. The water acts as a conduit for the paint, which gives it that watercolor feel.
Step 6: Let out Your Inner Artist 8 of 10
This is the fun part! Throw paint on however you want. Use your spray bottle to diffuse paint if it goes on too heavy anywhere. Have fun with it!
Step 7: Let it Dry 9 of 10
After you finish painting, lay your fabric out in the sun to dry. After it's fully dry, place a press cloth over the painted area and run a hot iron over it to set the paint.
Step 8: Admire Your Art Skills! 10 of 10
And you're done! Time to put your scarf to use.

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