Let’s Celebrate Our Brothers and Sisters With Famous Disney Siblings!

Image Source: The Walt Disney Company
Image Source: The Walt Disney Company

Oh, siblings.  Those of us who have them can’t live with them, and can’t live without them.  So how can we commemorate our special relationships with our brothers and sisters?  By showing off some of Disney’s famous brothers and sisters, of course!

There are many movies  and TV shows that highlight these unique relationships.  Big brothers are fun to have when you’re Molly from Toy Story and big sisters are loving and caring like Wendy from Peter Pan.  Whether we’re the older ones in our family or the youngest who always got picked on, I want to invite you to check out this fun list of Disney’s most unforgettable siblings.

1. Puppies from “101 Dalmatians”

If we all grew up with 100 siblings, how sane do you think we would be?  These cuties are absolutely adorable, but their parents must be the most calm, cool, and oh-so-loving pair of dogs on the face of this planet!

2. Amber, Sofia, And James From “Sofia The First”

When fate decided to blend this family together, Amber, Sofia and James became step-siblings. Although these three had an awkward relationship when Sofia first moved into the castle after her mom married the King of Enchansia, Amber and James have learned to accept Sofia and the new member of their family.

3.  The Dunbroch Kids From “Brave”

Merida and her little brothers, Harris, Hubert and Hamish, are the future of the DunBroch kingdom … and boy, are they an adventurous bunch. With Merida running around turning people into bears and the triplets always misbehaving and going after desserts, King Fergus and Queen Elinor surely have their work cut out for them.

4. Si And Am From “Lady And The Tramp”

These two troublesome twins wreak havoc when they come for a visit with Aunt Sarah. From trying to eat a fish in the fish bowl to trying to steal the baby’s milk, these two only bring Lady heartaches.   But when it comes to a catchy tune, these two are the cats meow!

5. Candace, Phineas, And Ferb From “Phineas And Ferb”

These three have the craziest sibling/step-sibling relationship. Boy crazy Candace is always trying to prove that Phineas and Ferb are up to something (which they usually are) and Phineas and Ferb are as cool as a cucumber, with all their experiments and what not. In the end, they always find out that family is always #1.

6. The Duncan Kids From “Good Luck Charlie”

P.J., Teddy, Gabe, Charlie and little Toby (not pictured) are the fun loving, always have something going on Duncan kids.  Each episode of Good Luck Charlie, features these siblings in their own walks of life, as they tackle college, high school, preschool and day care. They may have a zany dad and an overprotective mother, but this is one family that my own husband doesn’t mind watching on the Disney Channel.

7. Mabble And Dipper From “Gravity Falls”

Twins, Mable and Dipper Pines, are stuck with their uncle for summer vacation in the TV series, Gravity Falls. These two have a very active imagination. Dipper is a love-struck tween who falls in love with an older teenager and Mable is a kind hearted gal, who always watched out for her brother.

8. Winfred, Mary, And Sarah From “Hocus Pocus”

Now, I’m sure ALL of you remember this gem of a movie. Winifred, Mary, and Sarah are three sisters who are also witches.  They are the talk of the town when these three come back from the dead more wicked, sexier and  hungrier!

9. Drizella And Anastasia from “Cinderella”

These step-sisters are just plain mean.  Drizella and Anastasia are Cinderella’s step-sisters who made life absolutely impossible for Cinderella. They can’t keep a tune and have big feet.  After the way they treated Cinderella, it’s no surprise karma paid them a visit when the Prince paid no attention to them while at the royal ball.

10. Huey, Dewey, And Louie Duck

These triplets cause so much trouble for their Uncle Donald; it’s no wonder why he’s so moody!  Uncle Donald is always trying to teach his nephews a lesson, but in the end, it’s these three brothers that always teach Donald a lesson. Don’t babysit for your sister, Donald!

11. Violet And Dash From “The Incredibles”

Violet and Dash just wanted to be normal kids, but we soon learned that these two siblings had superpowers like no other.  Together, they helped fight off evil villains and bring back their superhero parents to their former glory.

12. Nani And Lilo From “Lilo And Stitch”

Theses are one of my favorite pairs of Disney siblings.  I love Nani and Lilo because of their humbleness and love for each other even after the loss of their parents.  In Lilo and Stitch, Nani fights for Lilo when CPS want to take Lilo away.  Nani gets a job and really tries to make a good life for Lilo. I wish for all of us to have a “Nani” in our lives.

13. Jane And Michael From “Mary Poppins”

Another brother and sister duo! Jane and Michael Banks were naughty when Mary Poppins first came to them to be their nanny. We soon found out that their bad behavior was because they just wanted a little attention from their father.  I wanted to be Jane so bad when I was younger. Plus, how many of us wanted a bedroom just like theirs?

14. Andy And Molly From “Toy Story 3”

We all saw Andy and Molly grow up before our eyes in the Toy Story movies.   In my opinion, these two siblings did the best job in resembling a true brother and sister relationship.  They fought and made up like real brothers and sisters. Even though Molly annoyed Andy with typical little sister stuff, but the scenes of him taking care of her when they were younger will always stay in our hearts.

15. Mufasa And Scar From “The Lion King”

Let’s face it. We all felt our hearts ripped from our chest when Scar caused the death of Mufasa. His own brother!  Although both brothers met an unimaginable end, it would have been nice if Simba had a good uncle to look up to if his father couldn’t be around.

16. Tinka And Gunther From “Shake It Up”

They’re annoying and yet loveable at the same time.  The show, Shake it Up, wouldn’t be the same without these twins.  This is why I’m sad that these twins were separated.  Gunther decided that life in America is not all that great and went back to their native county. I will miss him and Tinka, along with their outrageous outfits. Still, these two have an unbreakable bond.

17. Avery, Chloe, And Tyler From “Dog With A Blog”

Avery, Chloe, And Tyler are the most recent siblings to join the Disney family in Dog with a Blog.  Marriage brought these three together and the two older kids also had a rocky start in their relationship. As older brother Tyler get used to the fact of having two younger sisters, he is the one who is learning to love his brand new blended family.

18. Ron And Perlman From “Tangled”

Another pair of siblings gone bad. We first met Ron and Perlman when they were running from the law, alongside Eugene Fitzherbert, better known as Flynn Rider. Even though these twins were double-crossed by Flynn, they both ended up getting what they deserved.

19. Thumper And His Sisters From “Bambi”

Big brother, Thumper. It must be tough being the older brother. Even though his sisters annoyed him, he always had his momma to call him out and bring his behavior back in line.  All together now: “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothin’ at all“- Thumper

20. Tinker Bell And Periwinkle From “Secret Of The Wings”

In Secret of the Wings, we met Periwinkle, Tinkerbelle’s twin sister. Like many people all over the world, these two sisters didn’t even know they had a sibling.  Their worlds collided when both fairies found each other, but belonged in two separate worlds. Warm or winter weather couldn’t separate these two nor their sisterly bond.

21. Wendy, Michael, And John From “Peter Pan”

Wendy, Michael, and John had the adventure of a lifetime in the movie, Peter Pan.  As the oldest sibling, Wendy had it hard when her father wanted to tame her imagination and make her grow up. When Peter Pan shows up to take her and her brothers to Neverland where they never have to grow up, Wendy and her brothers soon realized that growing up isn’t all that bad.

22. Susan And Sharon From “The Parent Trap”

I love this movie. I so wanted a twin sister to trade places with. Susan and Sharon made me want to go to camp, live in the county, play a guitar and wear pretty dresses. Just like Tinkerbelle and Periwinkle, these two had no idea they were twins.  Once they found each other, they were two forces to be reckoned with. They even got their divorced parents back together. Yay for the Parent Trap!

23. Deb And Flo From “Finding Nemo”

Okay, so technically, these two aren’t sisters but it’s nice to think along with Deb and make-believe sister, Flo.  Where ever Deb went in the fish tank, you can bet Flo was right in front of her. I just thought it was cute to add these *two* to the list.

24. The Jonas Brothers

Ah, the Jonas Brothers. Acting and singing has made these brothers a huge success. Now that they’re all grown up, these siblings still continue to work together and rule the airways and TV stations together.

25. The Ross Kids From “Jessie”

As you can tell by now, I watch Disney Channel more than any other channel.  Well, not me, personally.  My kids do.  Since they watch TV in the living room, I get stuck watching what they watch. I’ve caught myself (once or twice or too many times, that I’ve lost count) watching some shows looooong after the kids are done watching TV.  One of my favorites is Jessie.  I love, love, love the meshing of this family and the much needed bi-cultural, bi-lingual and bi-racial essence of the show. Emma, Luke, Ravi and Zuri are crazy and outrageous and give poor Jessie more grief than anything else, but seeing how much these siblings love and care for each other is a great example for all to follow.

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