Love You Forever: 10 Tattoos that Take it too Far

10 Love Tattoos that Take it too Far
Valentine’s Day is all about showing your love in wonderfully unique ways. These ten lovely couples and lovers have stamped themselves with a permanent mark of enduring love and devotion that will stay with them forever. For-E-Ver (Sandlot!). I mean, who can blame them? It only makes sense to get a section of Cupid’s arrow in a heart on your body, or show your love through an open avocado. Check it out…

  • Sweet Embrace 1 of 10
    Sweet Embrace
    And they held each other in a sweet embrace until…someone else came along.
    Find out more at Iron Chefs World.
  • Your Grammar Fail 2 of 10
    Your Grammar Fail
    Nobody caught it before she was inked?
    Find out more at Img Daddy.
  • The Feeling is Mutual 3 of 10
    The Feeling is Mutual
    Or not.
    Spotted at Janezila.
  • Greatest Rod 4 of 10
    Greatest Rod
    So even if they break up he gets something to brag about and she just gets "catch." That's not right.
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  • Write His Name on Your Face 5 of 10
    Write His Name on Your Face
    Especially after you met in a chatroom only a month ago.
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  • Passion Pit 6 of 10
    Passion Pit
    I can't say I'd use an avocado to represent my love.
    Find out more at No Beezy.
  • SUMT and OLAE 7 of 10
    SUMT and OLAE
    Definitely a great idea.
    Find out more at Everything Mixed.
  • Charging Up with Love 8 of 10
    Charging Up with Love
    There is so much wrong with this tattoo I'm not even quite sure where to start.
    Find out more at Walyou.
  • Might as Well be Honest 9 of 10
    Might as Well be Honest
    We all make mistakes.
    Find out more at No Way Girl.
  • Love Concurs All 10 of 10
    Love Concurs All
    Or wait, is it conquers? Yup.
    Spotted at Mighty Red Pen.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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