16 Mother’s Day Gifts You Should Just Go Ahead and Buy Yourself

mother's day gifts for you
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I’ll be honest — I absolutely love Mother’s Day, because it feels like a sweet acknowledgment of all the effort I put in all year just to keep my family from living on goldfish crackers and Minecraft alone. But as nice as all those macaroni cards spelling “MOM” are, and as much as I enjoy getting served breakfast in bed (even if it is soggy cereal), I still seem to have a mental wish list full of mom loot a mile long every year. One that I never quite get around to dropping hints about.

Instead of wishing this year though, I’m planning to sneak online and order a few gems for myself. (Hey, if you want anything done right, you got to get mom to do it, amiright?) If you too feel it’s about time to treat yo’ self, perhaps I can be of some inspiration …

mother's day gifts for mom
Image source: Target

1. A comfy new robe (’cause let’s face it — yours has seen better days).

A cozy kimono robe that’s lightweight for warmer weather, but also adorable and chic? SOLD.

Available from Target, $24.99

mother's day pajamas
Image source: Target

2. Spring PJs you could get away with wearing to school drop-off.

You know what every mom really wants this May? New pajamas for spring … that also kinda look like clothes, if you were to run outside for the paper or walk the dog in them. If you’re anything like me, then you’re totally sleeping in your yoga pants. Why not give your stretchies a rest and get a fresh set to kick off the new season?

Available from Target, $15

jade roller
Image source: GingerChi

3. A Jade roller to up your (probably non-existent) skincare game.

This Jade roller will allow you to indulge in a relaxing facial without actually having to leave home. It feels like a legit spa day (or so I hear) without having to shell out the big bucks or figure out childcare.

Available from Amazon, $24.99

Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager
Image source: Ophanie

4. A wearable massager, because lifting kids all day is a serious workout.

Listen up, exhausted mamas: This lightweight, wearable massager will soothe all those sore muscles after wrangling kids 24/7. (Honestly, this thing had me at “wearable.” I stopped reading after “massager,” because I’m already blissed out just thinking of it.)

Available from Amazon, $36.99

start where you are book by meera lee
Image source: Barnes and Noble

5. A motivational book to remind you of how awesome you are.

Start Where You Are by Meera Lee will inspire you when you finally get that coveted “me time” you’ve been craving. Think of this like having your own personal life coach to light a fire under your tired derrière.

Available from Barnes and Noble, $13.18

do not disturb sign
Image source: Etsy | BAwoodLV

6. A “Do Not Disturb” door hanger for when you need to pee alone.

Um, how perfect is this? Especially when you’ve got small kids who have no concept of personal space? Make your little intruder chuckle with this cute and funny door hanger that’ll hopefully maybe guarantee you at least three minutes of peace and quiet.

Available from Etsy, $13

personalized phone case
Image source: Etsy | Printualist

7. A personalized phone case to upgrade your old one.

Let’s be honest, you’ve probably been in need of a new one for a while. (I know I have!) So weather it’s cracked, worn out, or been written on by a toddler, change out your old case for a fresh one you’ll love.

Available from Amazon, from $12.95

personalized mid-year planner
Image source: Etsy | SimplyNotebooks

8. A personalized mid-year planner to get yourself organized (at last).

I’m obsessing over this personalized mid-year planner (for aesthetic reasons and also organizational ones). It’ll help you (and me!) feel a bit more on top of things, especially with summer coming — which means a house full of kids!

Available from Etsy, $22.15

motivational makeup bag
Image source: Mud-Pie

9. A makeup bag that celebrates your uniqueness.

This sassy little makeup bag will not only keep all your favorite beauty products all in one place (and out of the hands of toddlers), but it’ll also motivate you to be your best self. (No one has to know about the wrinkle cream, I promise!)

Available from Amazon, $10.90

stress relief candle
Image source: Bath and Bodyworks

10. A relaxation candle to help you get your zen on.

This yummy-smelling relaxation candle is perfect for at-home stress-relief, because let’s get real — mom vibes can get INTENSE at the end of a long day.
Available from Amazon, $20.89

mom bath bomb
Image source: Lush

11. An out-of-this-world bath bomb.

I’m of the mind that a really great bath bomb should be at the top of every mom’s wish list. Pair it with that relaxing stress-relief candle, and boom — you could totally make a luxe night of it.

Available from Lush, $5.95

essential oil roller balls
Image source: ArtNaturals

12. A travel-friendly essential oils kit for literally every mood you’re in.

Essential oils may not cure everything, but they sure as heck make you feel amazing. Not to mention, they smell marvelous and fresh, unlike the inside of my car after a family vacay. This set is pint-sized and travel-friendly, so you can take them on-the-go!

Available from Amazon, $18.99

funny mom mug
Image source: Etsy | MostToastyGoods

13. A mug that’ll remind you to laugh in the morning (even though you’re sleep-deprived).

Funny mug for your morning cup of Joe? Check! Who knows, maybe this will help cut down on the lukewarm coffee.

Available from Etsy, $13.95

indoor outdoor isotoner slippers
Image source: Isotoner

14. Indoor/outdoor slippers you can wear literally anywhere.

Until I had three kids, I didn’t fully grasp the utility of having slippers that could go inside or outside. But now? Talk about brilliant!

Available from Amazon, $14.03

dead sea mud mask
Image source: Beafresh

15. A mud mask to make your skin feel magical.

A dead sea mud mask that’ll leave your skin feeling baby soft before you go to bed is basically a game-changer. Nothing feels as a nice a face mask, it’s the best part of a spa experience and no matter what, it always makes you feel just plain pretty and refreshed.

Available from Amazon, $13.99

ceramic pot for mother's day
Image source: Etsy | FreeFolding

16. A ceramic planter to work on that black — er, green — thumb.

My thumbs are the total opposite of green, but I’m ordering this adorbs planter anyway to get me inspired to plant something nice for spring.

Available from Etsy, $75


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