10 Amazing Feats of Easter Egg Art — That I Won’t Be Trying at Home

Today I will be dying Easter eggs with my daughter. One thing for sure? Our eggs won’t look anything like these.  We’ll just be buying a Paas Kit for $2.99, boiling some eggs, throwing them in the dye and we’re done. We will not be hand tooling the egg shells with drills, painting masterpieces on them or investing in a Egg-Bot. But it sure is cool to check out the others who have more time, talent and patience can accomplish with a hard boiled egg.

Check out nine more amazing feats of Easter eggness right here.

  • Needlepoint Eggs 1 of 9
    Needlepoint Eggs
    These are frickin' amazing. Inna Forostyuk, a folk artist from the Luhansk region, created these cross stitched Easter eggs where it appears she drilled holes in them and then did some cross stitching in them.
    Image Source: Wikipedia
  • Egg Bot 2 of 9
    Egg Bot
    Cool Mom Tech turned us on to this amazing contraption - the Egg Bot - that created the eggs above. This device is an "open-source art robot that can draw on spherical or egg-shaped objects from the size of a ping pong ball size to that of a small grapefruit." You can check out more about the Egg-Bot right here.
  • The Eggs of Franc Grom 3 of 9
    The Eggs of Franc Grom
    The Slovenian artist Franc Grom creates stunning pieces of egg-mastic art by boring approximately 2,500 to 3,500 holes (and sometimes many, many more) into the fragile egg shells. He is an egg master.
    Image via Severe Glam
  • Masterpiece 4 of 9
    To do this one, you already need to have talent, and a talent that can be made in miniature.
    Image Via Pictovista
  • Beaded Eggs 5 of 9
    Beaded Eggs
    This would take loads of patience, it makes my brain hurt just thinking about trying to apply that many beads in a pleasing design on an egg.
    Image Source: Might Lists
  • Holey Moley 6 of 9
    Holey Moley
    An amazing Etsy creation, a traditional wax embossed and drilled egg. This one looks totally modern, even though it's so old school.
    Image Source: Etsy
  • Pysanka 7 of 9
    The Etsy artist that goes by the name EggstrArt creates masterpieces using the Pysanka process where the head of a pin is dipped into hot wax and applied onto the eggshell. It's a art form that has origins in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, and Lithuania.
    Image Source:
  • Crocheted Eggs 8 of 9
    Crocheted Eggs
    Etsy seller Wool Solution doesn't do anything to the egg shell itself but makes carefully crafted crocheted covers for them. The nice thing, they're reusable, so you can dress up your eggs year round.
    Image Source: Etsy
  • The Thread Egg 9 of 9
    The Thread Egg
    A artist from Lithuania created this egg using linen thread. It's delicate, light and lovely.

Image Above: Flickr

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