10 Awesomely Awkward Halloween Costumes (or What Not to Wear When Trick-or-Treating)

Awkward Halloween photos
Poppin fresh

Halloween is that special holiday that gives you license to express your creativity.

Halloween is also that holiday that gives other people some weird notion that they have some iota of creative license to express the very strangest things lurking inside their minds.

Costumes worn by the latter are the treats for the former on Halloween. Like these 10 awesomely awkward Halloween costumes:

  • Send in the clowns 1 of 10
    Send in the clowns
    The men in white coats weren't available.
  • Elephant in the room 2 of 10
    Elephant in the room
    That's one way to diet.
  • Dough Boy 3 of 10
    Dough Boy
    Poppin fresh.
  • Twilight 4 of 10
    One of these things is not like the other.
  • Mr. Mom 5 of 10
    Mr. Mom
    Would a razor have broken the bank?
  • Cone of silence 6 of 10
    Cone of silence
    Because, really, what is there to say?
  • Mrs. Potato Head 7 of 10
    Mrs. Potato Head
    When spelling "potato" isn't your biggest handicap.
  • La-la land 8 of 10
    La-la land
    Even though it should have been Never Never Land.
  • Our little pumpkin 9 of 10
    Our little pumpkin
    A gentle reminder that Halloween is not everyone's favorite holiday.
  • Off to see the Wizard 10 of 10
    Off to see the Wizard
    Here's hoping he can do something about these costumes.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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