10 Babies Who Are Beyond Disappointed with Their Halloween Costumes (Photos)

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How have I offended you? Why would you do this to me?

As parents, we do our best to dress our babies to reflect how adorable we think they are. But of course we don’t know what their taste will eventually be. Maybe the little girl you love to dress in ruffles actually hates pink. Perhaps the boy you think is super into dinosaurs is totally terrified of big teeth. Imagine how this type of dilemma translates to Halloween costumes? What if you dressed your infant child in a cozy warm elephant costume his first Halloween but inside he’s dying to let you know that he’s actually a Democrat? Here are 10 babies with just such problems who are totally disappointed with their Halloween costumes:

  • Sniff, sniff… 1 of 9
    Sniff, sniff...
    Why would you put a banana on top of my head out of reach when you know I love bananas and I want one right now? WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO HURT ME LIKE THIS?
  • But … but …. 2 of 9
    But ... but ....
    I thought I was your little angel? You just told me so yesterday. Now I'm so confused!
  • Is it because I farted? 3 of 9
    Is it because I farted?
    Because I just pooped in your shitty costume.
  • You call this a cheetah? 4 of 9
    You call this a cheetah?
    More like a sack with ears. No, I don't want your lollipop. This is bullshit. I AM A LEAN, MEAN RUNNING MACHINE, not some kid who sits around consuming empty calories. IT'S LIKE YOU DON'T KNOW ME AT ALL.
  • I’m a boy! 5 of 9
    I'm a boy!
    No, I get that you're into free gender expression and all that, but I'm not old enough yet to tell you that this is what I want. The bow? I mean, come on - even if I did want to dress as a female superhero - and I may - what kind of ass-kicking do you expect me to do with this itchy headband scratching up my face? Unbelievable.
  • No. 6 of 9
    Just no. Batman is not pink. I'm sorry. I really thought you knew better.
  • Really? 7 of 9
    A mermaid, really? Right. Because women shouldn't have THE FREEDOM TO WALK AROUND. Thanks.
  • How … 8 of 9
    How ...
    How could you not know I'm a pacifist. My dedication to my pacifier alone should have communicated that to you. NO WAR FOR OIL.
  • I can hardly look at you… 9 of 9
    I can hardly look at you...
    It's bad enough that I have to stomach the overt commercialization of Christmas, a once holy Christian holiday, but now you want me to celebrate it on Halloween?! Fie! Fie and shame!

For more photos of babies who hate their Halloween costumes, check out 50 Kids Who Clearly Hate Their Halloween Costumes at Jest.

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