10 Best, 10 Worst U.S. Cities for Moms

Just in time for Mother’s Day, the Daily Beast ranked America’s 200 largest cities based on how they treat their moms. The top city will surprise you. And the bottom ones? Well, let’s just say Garrison Keillor’s gonna be miffed (not to mention everyone living in that jewel of a forever high-ranking city in the Pacific Northwest).

Before we list the Best 10 and Worst 10 Cities for Moms, let’s take a look at the criteria. Some of it makes sense — number of childcare workers per capita, number of other mothers, school rankings. But, like, should your city be dinged if there aren’t many places to go for Mother’s Day brunch or for a haircut? Shouldn’t they also have account for number of museums, parks and employment opportunities? Ratio of childcare costs to average earnings?

I know, I know, settle down. We’re supposed to be having fun here. Okay, top and bottom 10.

1. Boise, Idaho

2. Lexington, Ky.

3. Lincoln, Neb.

4. Coral Springs, Fla.

5. Mobile, Ala.

6. Elk Grove, Calif.

7.  Bellevue, Wash.

8. Overland Park, Kan.

9. Augusta, Ga.

10. Columbus, Ohio (most moms per capita)

Bottom 10

191. Pasadena, Texas

192. Portland, Ore. (Okay, Portland never ranks this low for anything!)

193. Washington, D.C.

194. Los Angeles, Calif.

195. North Las Vegas, Nev.

196. Oakland, Calif.

197. San Bernardino, Calif.

198. West Valley City, Utah

199. Santa Ana, Calif.

200. St. Paul, Minn. (I know!)

Where does your city rank? My city, Long Beach, Calif., ranks way above St. Paul (obvs.) and Portland, yet I promise you moms have it way better up in those cities than me. Just sayin’ …

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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