10 Best and Worst Cities for Raising Kids

burlington-vermont-best-city-to-raise-kidsInteresting that there’s not a ton of overlap between the 10 smartest cities and the 10 best to raise children. Nothing like nurturing the next generation among a bunch of ding-dongs.

Children’s Health magazine has ranked 100 U.S. cities as the best (and, well, when you get down to the 70s and higher, worst) cities to raise kids in. And I want to hear from Detroit parents — surely you feel you rank higher than 100!

Here’s a list of the criteria the magazine used in its statistical analysis. A sampling includes stuff like crime, schools, jobs, safety, health, housing, cultural attractions and housing.

Let’s start with the 10 Best:

1. Burlington, VT (the statistical model loved the city’s low obesity rate and high graduation rate)

2. Madison, WI

3. Fargo, ND

4. Lincoln, NE

5. Fremont, CA

6. Lexington, KY

7. Honolulu, HI

8. Cheyenne, WY

9. Omaha, NE

10. Yonkers, NY

The head spins a little, doesn’t it?

Now, for the 10 lowest ranking:

91. Toledo, OH

92. Las Vegas, NV

93. Phoenix, AZ

94. Tampa, FL

95. Cleveland, OH

96. Fresno, CA

97. Memphis, TN

98. Orlando, FL

99. Miami, FL

100. Detroit, MI

Funny, I’d rather live in more of the lowest-ranking cities than the highest-ranking ones.

And Portland? I know you’re apoplectic. You came in at 29 (!!!!). I’m thinking conspiracy.

Where does your city rank?

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