10 Best (Most Flexible! Least Stressful!) Jobs in the U.S.

The 10 best jobs in the U.S. aren’t necessarily the 10 least stressful or the 10 most flexible, at least according to CNN Money. But there is one job that overlaps all three lists.

Which one?

College professor. (Hmmmm … I live with a college professor and while I think it’s a pretty great gig — except for the pay, people, except for the pay — I would say overall college profs whine a lot about their jobs. Just sayin’!)

Anyway, if you’re thinking of a career change or maybe getting back into the workforce full-time, you might want to take a peek at this. Although, warning! Some of these jobs take years of schooling, etc., so, you know, maybe you’ll want to pass this list along to a high school senior instead.

At the very top is Systems Engineer, then Physician Assistant, College Professor, Nurse Practitioner and IT/Project Manager. Go here for the rest of the list.

Lowest stress careers are for Education/Training Consultants, Physical Therapists, College Professors (!), Software Developers and Technical Writers. Here‘s the rest of that list.

Most flexible careers are Sales Director, Software Product Manager, Software Development Director, Director of Communications, and Product Management Director. Here‘s the rest of the flexibility list.

Highest paid? Anesthesiologist ($292,000 … damn!) then Physician/OBGyn ($222,000).

Most benefit to society (some of us are going to want to sit down before reading this one). Physician and then … OBGyn.

Thoughts? Did you pick the right career? Suddenly mulling med school? What’s your great and fabulous and flexible job? Writer, sadly, didn’t appear anywhere.

Article Posted 9 years Ago

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