10 Best Rainy Day Games and Activities, Plus Power Outage Activities

When the rain comes down, how do you keep the kids busy and avoid complaints of boredom?

We’ve rounded up 10 games and activities to cure the rainy day blues when you’re stuck inside… plus best activities to keep everyone busy and occupied when the power goes out.

Board games The perfect rainy day activity, make sure you are stocked up on a variety of board games, including staples like Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, Sorry and checkers. Depending on the ages of your kids, you may want to have a marathon game of Monopoly, or for the younger set, check out junior versions of Monopoly and Clue.

Coloring books Yep, you can color the rainy gloom away! Fun for all ages, make sure you have a variety of coloring books and crayons, colored pencils and markers on hand to keep everyone busy.

Card games Either get kids’ card games of Crazy 8’s, Rummy, Go Fish and Old Maid, or use a regular deck of cards to play the same games. You can also teach your kids how to play some old school Solitaire games, too.

Puzzles Have a variety of puzzles available, with different levels of difficulty and piece numbers. Puzzles are a great way for families to bond and do a little problem solving.

Draw Construction paper, printer paper, a sketch pad or even a stack of paper from the recycling bin can be put to good use. Give everyone a drawing assignment or have them come up with their wackiest creation of multiple animals put together. Get creative!

Activity books You can never have too many of these. Word search puzzles, mazes, Sudoku, crosswords, and connect-the-dot activities offer something for everyone.

Read Catch up on some reading. A little downtime never hurt anyone, whether you each grab a book to read, or you sit down and read out loud to the kids.

Video games Yeah, I’m not saying spend the entire rainy day in front of the TV playing video games, but there are a lot of fun family games that everyone can play and be involved in. We’re Just Dance fans in our household everyone gets moving and has fun!

Movie marathon A rainy day is the perfect opportunity to curl up with a pile of movies, make some popcorn and snuggle up. You could even have a theme Pixar flicks, talking animal movies, adventure movies… or have each person pick their fave.

Crafts Pull out those craft supplies and see what you can create! Pipe cleaners, glitter, glue, popsicle sticks, clay, paint, pom poms… whatever you’ve got on hand.

Making rainy day fun is actually pretty easy… but what about when the power goes out. What do we do now??!

If you experience a power outage, never fear there are ways to keep your family entertained and your kids somewhat less stir crazy.

Basically, you can employ some of the rainy day options mentioned above, removing, of course, anything that involves electricity. That means video games are gone (unless your kids have battery life on a hand held system) and no movie marathon for the fam, but most everything else can be done with a few well-placed lanterns and flashlights to light the way.

Other fun rainy day and/or power outage activities include building a fort together, telling ghost stories, having a scavenger hunt, playing Pictionary or Charades.

Plus, check out our 11 road trip activities that would work well for a rainy day or power outage, including the ABC game, storytelling, iSpy and more.

As much of a drag as rainy days and power outages can be, it’s also a perfect opportunity for family bonding. What are your go-to activities for busting the rainy day blues?

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Article Posted 7 years Ago

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