10 Bizarre and Disturbing Christmas Tree Ornaments

Deciding how to decorate the Christmas tree each year can be difficult. The Halloween decorations have barely been cleared from the aisles before stores are packed full of an endless variety of ornaments, lights, and tinsel for your tree. How does one decide which decorations are best for their family?

Would bacon go well with your popcorn garland? How about a dozen shiny hand grenades? Do those seem a little bizarre to you? Me too, but these and more exist for those out there whose tastes are a little less traditional.

Check out these 10 bizarre and disturbing Christmas tree ornaments:

  • A Holiday “Situation” 1 of 10
    A Holiday "Situation"
    For when you want to gym, tan, laundry, and decorate the tree.
    Photo credit: HSN
  • Scary Christmas 2 of 10
    Scary Christmas
    Because nothing says "Merry Christmas!" like a fetus with an automatic weapon.
    Photo credit: The Society Pages
  • What Could Be Better Than A Merman Ornament? 3 of 10
    What Could Be Better Than A Merman Ornament?
    A merman firefighter ornament, because fires happen all the time in the ocean during Christmas.
    Photo credit: Diamonds of the Sea
  • For the Dog Lover 4 of 10
    For the Dog Lover
    Holiday magic happens when dog heads and pipecleaners combine.
    Photo credit: Etsy
  • Decorate with A Baby Tangled In Rope 5 of 10
    Decorate with A Baby Tangled In Rope
    Or Curly of The Three Stooges trapped in a spider web. Either way, Merry Christmas!
    Photo credit: Regretsy
  • A New Take On Mistletoe 6 of 10
    A New Take On Mistletoe
    The zombie apocalypse could happen at any moment. With these ornaments you'll be ready.
    Photo credit: Trend Hunter
  • Add Some Pork To The Tree 7 of 10
    Add Some Pork To The Tree
    Even Christmas is better with bacon.
    Photo credit: Craftzine
  • Have A Crappy Christmas 8 of 10
    Have A Crappy Christmas
    It's easier than ever with this pile of poop ornament.
    Photo credit: Dog Beds and More
  • Make Christmas A Blast 9 of 10
    Make Christmas A Blast
    Grenades are a lovely addition to the tree, no?
    Photo credit: Suck UK
  • Tacos and Beer 10 of 10
    Tacos and Beer
    The perfect trimmings for any tree, obviously.
    Photo credit: Bronners


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