10 Creepy Things My Kids Love

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It’s almost St. Patrick’s Day and for me, it’s slightly traumatic as I think Leprechauns are incredibly creepy. And this week, they’re everywhere. Those greedy, little green guys are but one of the things that my kids LOVE that I think are beyond creepy.

The crazy part is that they adore things that are shiver-inducing or plain old disgusting, and yet they won’t pick up their own socks or Kleenex because that’s gross.

Would you like some more examples of what’s talking about? Well, you’re in luck. Because I’ve got ten of them.

  • Leprechauns 1 of 10
    If they make horror movies about you, then you're scary. So guess, what Leprechauns ? You're creepy and I know it.

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  • Toads 2 of 10
    There are a lot of toads where we live. I enjoy looking at them and greet them respectfully using their names. The toad I saw this evening after Cub Scouts is called Pam. The thought of touching one, however, makes me scream like an older lady at a Tom Jones concert. My son, on the other hand, would happily lick one just to see what would happen.

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  • Fairies 3 of 10
    My daughter builds fairy houses in our yard all the time and I'm always like: "YOU'RE JUST ENCOURAGING THEM." She thinks I'm being weird, but I know the truth about fairies. They're fierce, vindictive trouble makers. Just ask the English. Or Captain Hook.

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  • Other Wee Men 4 of 10
    Other Wee Men
    This time of year marks the return of other wee men. Like the one you see above. My children want to watch this person and his very important show but I don't.

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  • Mud 5 of 10
    My children would wallow around in mud all day like pigs in feces if they were allowed. They love it. I don't understand it's like there's a magnetic draw between my children and wet dirt. I hear about kids who hate to be dirty and I think, "YEAH RIGHT. File that one under Unicorns and Mommy Sick Days."

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  • These Troll Dolls 6 of 10
    These Troll Dolls
    They're hideous and my kids love them so much and think they're adorable. They're not adorable at all. They're like Hobbits who went to college and smoked too much weed.
  • The Tooth Fairy 7 of 10
    The Tooth Fairy
    They love the Tooth Fairy and I resent her. Because sometimes she watches TV with her husband and a large glass of wine and forgets that she has responsibilities. Also? Kinda creepy. I mean she slips into kids' bedrooms at night and watches them sleep and then leaves money.

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  • Lala Loopsy Dolls 8 of 10
    Lala Loopsy Dolls
    My youngest daughter thinks these are the funnest. I think the button eyes are terrifying. I'm not the only one right? There's a demonic "Coraline" vibe that I just can't get over.
  • Hermit Crabs 9 of 10
    Hermit Crabs
    What is the fascination with hermit crabs? I don't get it. They're like a combination of a snail and a bug. I'm pretty sure they carry some kind of creeping ick like e. coli or leprosy and yet even the most fastidious children love them.

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  • Worms 10 of 10
    This time of year, there are worms everywhere. I understand that they're important and good for the soil and everything. But you know what's NOT funny? Being chased around the yard by a six year old with a worm. It's also not dignified.

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