10 Creepy Toys That Will Haunt Your Nightmares

10 Creepy Toys That Will Haunt Your DreamsAnyone else have a My Buddy doll growing up? If not, congratulations. Your parents must have loved you. If so, then perhaps you too spent time fretting over where you could stash it every night as the sun went down. Ideally, you could hide it some place behind a locked door, like the garage, but anywhere besides your bedroom would do. Why? Simple, because sleeping with a My Buddy doll was a sure-fire way to get yourself killed. Just ask any child of the 1980s. For those who don’t remember, this life-size doll bore an eerie resemblance to Chucky from the horror flick Child’s Play, guaranteeing it a spot in the nightmares of children with both active imaginations and parents with a lax attitude toward R-rated movies everywhere. The My Buddy doll is a classic example of a toy that is inadvertently horrifying, but have you ever stumbled across a plaything that looks like it was engineered with the intent of haunting a child’s dreams? Here are ten creepy toys that will make you want to sleep with the lights on:

  • Perfect for the highway to hell 1 of 10
    Perfect for the highway to hell
    The perfect gift for a tot that values bulging veins, brain matter, and gingivitis in their ride-on toy.
    Photo credit: Izismile
  • Double trouble 2 of 10
    Double trouble
    No matter which doll wins the battle for that ping pong ball, you lose.
    Photo credit: Flickr
  • Say cheese! 3 of 10
    Say cheese!
    I am convinced that those are real human teeth. Someone should report this thing to the authorities.
    Photo credit: imgur
  • Jack in the box 4 of 10
    Jack in the box
    A better name for this toy would be "crap in your pants" since that's what you are likely to do when this monstrous thing springs out at you.
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  • Dead-eyed dollie 5 of 10
    Dead-eyed dollie
    Ever lie awake at night as a child convinced something was crawling towards your bed in the dark? It was this doll.
    Photo credit: imgur
  • Frightening feline 6 of 10
    Frightening feline
    I'm not certain if this is a girl dressed as a cat or a cat dressed as a girl, but I am sure she would frighten the guests at your Barbie doll's Halloween bash.
    Photo credit: imgur
  • Do goblins come in plastic? 7 of 10
    Do goblins come in plastic?
    Can you imagine finding this in a dark alley? Actually, I think that might be the only place you could stumble upon a toy like this one.
    Photo credit: Flickr
  • Battery-operated terror 8 of 10
    Battery-operated terror
    I like the way the box advertises that the chimp's eyes bulge in and out and its teeth flash like that's a good thing.
    Photo credit: Flickr
  • Faux fur fit for fright 9 of 10
    Faux fur fit for fright
    One part plastic, one part roadkill pelt.
    Photo credit: Flickr
  • Classically creepy 10 of 10
    Classically creepy
    Let's be honest. This clown doll would be disturbing even if it didn't look like it had spent some time underground before suspiciously offering a hand to you from its perch on a tree limb.
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