10 Dolls That Are Too Racy for Our Little Girls (Photos)

“Thanks for bringing over the anorexic hooker dolls, Sunny,” my friend sarcastically said to me during a dinnertime play date as we watched our 7-year-old girls play.

Not to point fingers, but my daughter was the one guilty of bringing over her small collection of Monster High dolls, Christmas gifts from her aunt and uncle. Our friend’s daughter had been sheltered from pop culture dolls such as these; she has rag dolls, sweet vintage dollies, and just one modern one, Kit, the American Girl doll. And here we are, corrupting this young child with our “anorexic hooker dolls.”

But there is a really good reason to consider sheltering any and all girls from these modern vixens made of plastic and rubber: they very well could be sending the wrong message to girls about beauty, style and appropriate body size.

There was a time when Barbie was enemy number one for parents concerned with this. But Barbie looks totally healthy compared to the Monsters High, Winx and Bratz dolls, who aren’t just incredibly skinny but wear outfits that are only seen in real life on exotic dancers and the like. “The dolls encourage girls to think about themselves as sexualized objects whose power is equated with dressing provocatively,” said Susan Linn, co-founder of the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood (CCFC).

I’ve been a lazy mom and let those Monster High dolls live in my daughter’s room, but now that I’ve been thinking about these issues more, the “anorexic stripper” dolls might just have to go “missing” from her toy chest. I would much rather embrace a doll like the American Girl dolls, a rag doll or a sweet Disney doll. Imagining her aspiring to dress like this or fantasize about the lives of these dolls freaks me out; are these the kinds of women I want her hanging out with? Check out these 10 examples of dolls that are too sexy for our little girls in stores now. Which one do you think is the worst?

  • Monster High Dolls 1 of 10

    You thought Barbie was skinny? She's practically chubby next to the Monster High doll series. Personally, I like the concept: dolls who are odd, different, and outsiders. But the execution leaves much to be desired. Not only are the dolls ridiculously skinny, but they dress so provocatively, in outfits no mom would let her teenager leave the house in.


    Photo Source: Amazon - Available here for $33.


  • Bratz 2 of 10

    Really? This Bratz doll is for kids? This looks more like a Lady Gaga collectible. Barbie never would have worn those shoes.

    Photo Source: Amazon/ Available for $13.13.


  • La Dee Da 3 of 10

    At first glance, this doll looks pretty cute in her ladybug garden, tea-party-inspired outfit. But then you start to notice not just how incredibly skinny she is, but other outlandish aspects, like the huge amount of makeup she is wearing, the shortness of the skirt, and that her knee-high socks are actually fish net stockings. Really, would you let your daughter out of the house dressed like this?

    Photo Source: Amazon/Available for $16.99

  • Winx 4 of 10

    Yes, little girls love fairies. But this fairy seems to be built more for mature men than little girls. That outfit is way too sexy for a storybook fairy. We love our Tinkerbell, but she would never wear an outfit like this.

    Photo Source: Amazon/Available for $18.99 right here.

  • Novi Stars 5 of 10

    Then there is the "hot" alien chick doll. Of course.

    Photo Source: Amazon/Available here for $13.17

  • My Little Pony Equestria Girl 6 of 10

    Have you seen these?  Standard issue My Little Pony dolls of yore were always cute and pretty adorable, but these dolls, well, they're just weird. 

    Photo Source: Amazon/ Available here for $14.99

  • Ever After High Madeline Hatter 7 of 10

    The Mad Hatter is an icon of book and movies, from the crazy animated version in Walt Disney's adaptation of Alice in Wonderland to Johnny Depp's wacky portrayal in Tim Burton's take on the classic. But neither of them are babes like this one. This Mad Hatter wears super high heels, a short skirt and has multi-colored hair. I don't know about you, but I like the old school version better.

    Photo Source: Amazon/Available here for $40

  • Fairy Tale High 8 of 10

    The classic Snow White was pure as the driven snow, but this Fairy Tale High version? Not so much. That short mini skirt and bare midriff is far more racy than the Snow White we know and love would ever wear.

    Photo Source: Amazon/Available here for $17.99


  • Barbie A Fashion Fairytale Flairies Glim’R Doll 9 of 10

    Go-go dancer or doll for kids? You decide. This is in the Barbie family, but it barely resembles any of the Barbies I've ever played with.

    Photo Source: Amazon/Available here for $14.53


  • Mystixx Vampire Doll 10 of 10

    Embracing the lore of the vampire, and the ever growing collection of skinny, scantily clad female dolls, the Mystixx is a "unique and beautiful doll with two distinctive personalities and two lives for 'reality to fantasy' play."  But does the world need yet another one of these dolls?

    Photo Source: Amazon/Available here for $19.99





Article Posted 5 years Ago

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