10 Don't Miss Apps for Kids for Your New iPad or iPhone

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I promise you that your tweens will love Scribblenauts Remix.

Chances are some of you lucky ducks got an iPad or an iPhone as a gift this holiday season. If so you are probably overwhelmed by all of the possibilities for apps, and have been searching nonstop.  You’re not the only one.  The BBC reports that more than 1.2 billion — with a B! — apps were downloaded in December worldwide.

The best apps I’ve found are always those reviewed by other moms, so I thought I’d share my children’s most favorite apps for kids so you have some ideas of things you might like to download to keep your younger ones happy.  I was inspired by Cool Mom Tech, which recently released their lists of the best apps in 2011 for little kids and preschoolersgradeschoolers and tweens.

  • Scribblenauts Remix 1 of 10
    Scribblenauts Remix
    A fantastic game for the imagination, Scribblenauts Remix allows my 10-year-old Jack to create and bring to life objects to solve problems. As described by IGN, "Players must get a star trapped on top of a tree. You could get it with a ladder. Or chop down the tree with an axe. Or bring down the tree with a giant beaver. Or burn it down with a fire. Or simply make a helicopter and fly up to the star. Or throw a baseball at the star to dislodge it. Or create a bulldozer and knock it over..." There are endless possibilities. He just loves, loves, LOVES this game. I was playing it with him last night and got hooked as well. Big fan!
  • Stack the Countries 2 of 10
    Stack the Countries
    Stack the Countries and Stack the States are two apps that encourage learning about geography. Kids can learn about capitals, important landmarks, geographic locations and more, and they move forward in the game by building stacks of countries or states that reach the checkered line without tumbling over. You'd think learning about this kind of stuff would be boring, but my son loves this game, and was particularly excited when he did the best in his class on geography tests! Price: $1.99 each
  • Battle Nations 3 of 10
    Battle Nations
    With this game, by Z2 Live, you can create your own empire. Players build their own settlement and create everything that is needed to live there, including an army to defend it. Strategic thinking is required, because you have to identify and learn how to best use available resources. Yes, there are tanks and soldiers and shooting so if you don't allow that stuff in your house then this app is not for you. My son says this is his second favorite app, behind Scribblenauts. Price: Free
  • Monopoly for iPad 4 of 10
    Monopoly for iPad
    Thanks to EA sports, you can play a full version of Monopoly on your iPad, either against the computer or with up to 4 players. My son is enjoying this foray into capitalism, and keeps informing me about all of his fantastic real estate deals. Park Place for $40? That's quite a deal, Mr. Trump Jr. Price: 99 cents
  • Powers of Minus 10 5 of 10
    Powers of Minus 10
    This app, funded by the National Science Foundation, gives kids a real inside look at molecular structure. Take a look at some cool pictures of the inside of a diamond or a hand and maybe absorb a little science while doing it. Named as one of Apple's top 2011 education apps. Price: $1.99
  • Teach Me Kindergarten 6 of 10
    Teach Me Kindergarten
    Teach me Kindergarten and Teach me first grade are awesome. My daughter is obsessed with these apps. She practices all of the important early learning skills and by doing so earns coins that allow her to buy virtual stickers and other items. She loves checking her progress to see how far she's gone in addition, subtraction, spelling and identifying sight words. I can't rave enough about these two apps. Price: 99 cents each
  • Musical Me HD 7 of 10
    Musical Me HD
    We love all of the apps by Duck Duck Moose, but this is my daughter's current favorite. She has been learning to follow a rhythm, create her own songs, and can pick among instruments to play along with common children's songs. Price: $1.99
  • PBS Videos 8 of 10
    PBS Videos
    This app lets her watch videos of her favorite television show, Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman. Kids can also see videos from other PBS shows like Super Why, Martha Speaks, the Cat in the Hat and more. Great for keeping her busy on a plane or while waiting in a doctor's office. And because it's PBS, you know all the videos are safe for little eyes. Price: Free
  • Touchpets 9 of 10
    You can get either Touch Pets Dogs or Touch Pets cats. The game has you pick your own pet and take care of it. My daughter picked a dog she named Sir Ruffsalot who she grooms and feeds and plays with via the app. The more you care for your pet, the more money you earn to buy things for it, like clothing or toys. Price: Free
  • Jungle Time 10 of 10
    Jungle Time
    Thanks to Jungle Time and Jungle Coins, my little one loves learning about how to tell time and count money, especially because she gets to choose the animal sound the app makes when she is correct. Price: $2.99 each

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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