10 Dos and Don’ts for Your Next Disney Vacation

10 Dos and Don'ts for Your Next Disney Vacation

Let’s face it, Disney vacations aren’t cheap. A lot of  time, planning, and money goes into taking the family on a Disney vacation. Whether this is your first trip or you are an annual passport holder that visits several times a year, here’s a list of 10 Dos and Don’ts at Disney Parks from our family to yours!

Before you pack up the whole gang for that well deserved family vacation, be sure to check our list of trip tips below. Don’t let anything ruin your fun, take a little extra time to be prepared. Remember spending quality time with your family is the most important part and have a magical trip!

1. DON’T be without your phone or camera while in the Parks. You never know when you will want to capture some magic. DO charge your phones fully before heading out the door. We like to bring along an iGo as an external power source.

2. DON’T forget where you park. DO take a picture of the sign near your car and the isle number.

3. DON’T go on water attractions without taking precautions with electronics (phones, cameras, etc) DO wrap them in plastic bags or have a family member that is not riding hold them. You can get very wet!

4. DON’T try to leave the Park during a parade, Main Street is extremely crowded with limited walking space. DO stand nearest the exit if you want to watch the parade, that way when it is over you can walk right out. Also, we’ve found tram lines are longest after parades are over in the evening.

5. DON’T forget the sunscreen, nothing can ruin a vacation faster than sunburn. DO cover yourself in sunscreen, and wear a hat. Pack the sunscreen bottle in a backpack for reapplication. Wear short sleeves instead of sleeveless shirts.

6. DON’T feel like you have to bring your own stroller, if you have limited space or you are flying. DO rent a stroller from the Disney Park you are visiting.

7. DON’T wear new shoes to the Parks. DO break in new shoes for a few weeks before your visit.There is a lot of walking when you’re at the Parks all day. If you do get a blister or need a band-aid stop into First Aid for some assistance.

8. DON’T be fooled by Southern California’s warm weather. When the sun goes down it can get very chilly. DO pack sweatshirts in your backpack or get a locker. Renting a locker is a lot cheaper than buying new sweatshirts at Disney prices.

9. DON’T let little ones out of your sight. They can wander off or get lost in a crowd in an instant. DO take a picture of them with the clothes they are wearing at the Parks. If needed, you can show others exactly what the child looks like. Put your cell phone number pinned to their shirt or pocket.

10. DON’T forget your sense of humor! Sometimes family vacations can get stressful trying to juggle everyone. With crowds and long lines it can make even the most happiest place on earth, less than happy. DO enjoy every magical moment with your family during your Disney vacation. Remember you’re making memories to last a lifetime!


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