10 Fantastic Images of Children Bathed in Rainbow Light

Back in January, I stumbled across an amazing photo of a little girl standing under the multi-colored glow cast by a stained glass window. Her father posted the image with the caption, she was “telling me to look at the lasers.” The little girl’s face was so serene and the colors so incredible, I decided to scout the Internet to see what other photos I might find of children bathed in rainbows. Here’s a collection of 10 photos I discovered of children covered in the color spectrum. I hope they put a Springy glow on your face, too!

  • Lasers 1 of 10
    Reddit user kdial1 says, "My daughter was telling me to look at the lasers shining through the window." They were looking at the Stained Glass in the Lincoln Cathedral, UK.
    Photo credit: imgur
  • Prismatic 2 of 10
    Natural light filtered through an obelisk shaped antique prism c. 1850.
    Photo credit: Flickr user photocillin
  • Running Under the Rainbow 3 of 10
    Running Under the Rainbow

    Photo credit: Flickr user tomraven
  • Elias 4 of 10
    The photographer's son wrapped in rainbow LED lights beneath a sheet.
    Photo credit: Flickr user FDU4. See more of his light paintings at
  • Caught a Rainbow 5 of 10
    Caught a Rainbow
    Gordana says, "We have the best of times, my Matej and I: he will have breakfast while I have my morning coffee and Flickr. We talk and kiss and tickle and laugh. But this was first time ever we caught a rainbow."
    Photo credit: Flickr user Gordana AM
  • Under the Globe 6 of 10
    Under the Globe
    Taken under the globe in Flushing Meadows Park, NYC.
    Photo credit: Flickr user proof_by_contradiction
  • St. Albans Festival 7 of 10
    St. Albans Festival
    The children were dressed in lampshades, spinning, which created this light effect.
    Photo credit: Flickr user Chariots_of_Artists
  • Paris-Plages 8 of 10
    The Paris-Plages is a program of temporary beaches set-up in Paris each summer.
    Photo credit: Flickr user philippe leroyer
  • Night Light 9 of 10
    Night Light
    Portrait with rainbow night light toy.
    Photo credit: Flickr user Anthony Cain ©
  • National Zoo 10 of 10
    National Zoo
    Rainbow mist.
    Photo credit: Flickr user muohace_dc

All photos used with permission. 


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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