10 Foods You Should Never Let Your Kid Eat

Parents are hypocrites. We seek to ingrain the best eating habits in our kids, yet we wake up at midnight and hork an entire box of Girl Scouts cookies (Tag-a-Longs, you’ll be the death of me!) Sure, we indulge because we’re adults and life sucks when you’re an adult, so yeah we’ll be having the deep fried cheesecake. Perhaps we let our kids have a bit of the naughty foods, but here are some doozies collected by Momlogic, from liquid cereal to gravy-filled bowls of “whatthehellisthat?” that children (and maybe even adults) should never wrap their lips around.

The Famous Bowl

Hi, KFC. We haven’t talked in awhile, but I was just wondering–WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?! Someone is the KFC test kitchen got really lazy one day and said, “hey, let’s just toss everything me make into a bowl. Oh, and let’s melt a pound of cheese over it.” This frightening mash of chicken fingers, corn, mashed potatoes, gravy and cheese is sadly KFC’s most popular item.

Runner Up: The KFC Double Down. It’s a chicken sandwich in which the bread is replaced by fried chicken. If they don’t serve them in your area be thankful.

Liquid Cereal

“a combination of real cereal and fat-free milk blended into a satisfying beverage.” Mmm, tastes like the future. You know, the future in which all food comes in liquid form. I’m looking forward to a frothy glass of Bacon Cheeseburger for lunch.

iHop Whoville Pancakes

I’d say this is a sad attempt to pass off a dessert item as a meal, but even hot fudge sundaes have more restraint. Don’t try to drag the good Dr.’s name into this for justification. You added a tootsie pop as a garnish!

Chicken Nuggets

See the picture? That’s what “chicken” looks like before it’s pressed into nugget form. Soft serve chicken. Sorry to ruin nuggets for you.

Mess with Your Mouth Lunchables

I just…I can’t…I don’t get it. I understand the concept of Lunchables. Highly processed meat, tiny squares of cheese and crackers. Where do sour Pop Rocks-like sprinkles fit in? They don’t. If kids want to eat food based on a dare, they can just go outside and eat worms.

Find the full list here.


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